Circling & Authentic Relating Drop In

Hosted by Togetherness with Adam Taffler
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What's it like to be you?

This evening offers an opportunity to explore more of who you really are by inviting you to join in with practices which take the awkwardness and difficulty out of connecting.

We often find that by gently making contact with what's really going on for us and holding it without judgement, we can experience a sense of freedom, contentment and wholeness that can be elusive in our modern lives.

"I felt energised, warm and content, with the satisfaction of having touched the essential things that make us human beings. The session was welcoming, playful and above all safe". Marina, participant

On the night

The evening is split in 2 parts. In the first half, we use authentic relating games to build a sense of presence, comfort and connection in the room.

In the second half, we do circling. Circling is a practice of being with each other in the present moment. It has no agenda, and precisely the lack of anything to do is very powerful. As we practice, we gain awareness of different parts of our experience.

Every circle is different, but they usually involve sharing with each other what we are noticing about our thinking, physical sensations and emotions. We follow our curiosity about what it is like to be me, to be you, and to be with each other.

During the practice, self-leadership and self-responsibility are encouraged. The most common format of a circle is a ‘focus’ circle, where the group explores one person’s world for a period of time (perhaps 20 minutes).

Circling develops our skills for any relationship, be it with colleagues, housemates, friends, family members, clients or romantic partners.

"After the session I was feeling empowered, grounded and eager to learn more" Makaila, participant.

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