Summer Solstice Ritual for Women

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Hosted by Teresa and Sandra
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We’re inviting you to join us in a ritual to help us reflect on the spring season and mark the  transition into the summer, held in a supportive women’s circle.  

The summer season is about things that have emerged in spring coming into fruition; about enjoying the peak energy, and celebrating life. 

Some of the themes that the summer energy invites to explore is our power, radiance, self- expression, and sexuality

The parallel to the summer season is the ovulation phase of our menstrual cycles when the egg has matured and is released. 

This 90-minute experience will welcome you into a guided reflection in connection with other women, and open the space for you to design your ritual to transition into the summer season consciously and intentionally. 


This ritual is for you if: 

  • You’re curious or passionate about living aligned with natural cycles and you would like to be connected while putting it into practice
  • You’d like to feel clearer on what the Summer Solstice means for you and how you want to connect with it
  • You’ve been experiencing burnout or disconnection from yourself and would like to realign through finding  a meaningful and attuned intention for the next season of your life
  • You’d like to connect with other women who are on a journey of self-exploration and cyclical living 

The Experience: 

  • Landing Circle - to check in and explore what the Solstice means to each of us
  • Exploration and Reflection -  our journeys so far, what is blossoming, and what intentions we want to hold with us throughout the Summer
  • Connection - exploring the embodiment of our power, yang energy and desire
  • Celebration -  what has grown and what is ready to be celebrated
  • Dancing - moving with the body and self-expression

What to bring? 

  • A journal, something to write or draw with
  • Clothes that are comfortable to move in; and that you feel celebratory and alive in!
  • Some item that feels associated with the essence of the summer season - perhaps fresh flowers that you bring to the call, a bowl of strawberries/vibrant fruit to snack on, etc.

As you’re in preparation for this, keep these questions present with you:

  • What does the Summer Solstice bring up for you? Any words, feelings, memories, colors?
  • How did you feel this Spring? What are some things that have emerged for you and are now blossoming? What is transitioning from action to nourishment/stability/expansion in your life right now?
  • What are some themes you’re drawn to explore in the coming summer season?

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