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Getting your shit together is really hard!

And Germany doesn't make it easier. This workshop is for you if you know you need to apply for the KSK to save money on your monthly insurance fees, but you can't get over the overwhelming sinkhole  that is German bureaucracy. Opening German letters make you queasy? Does your stomach turn at the thought of calling up an office to ask for help? 

Then come into the arms of this humble rat as we guide you through everything in a step-by-step process that gamifies German bureaucracy to make it more accessible for everyone. I will also share with you tips and tricks for organizing your little freelance life so you can do paperwork with less heartache.

This workshop has been conceived especially for  artists and publicists who are queer, neurodivergent, non-German speaking and/or commonly discriminated against in Germany on the basis of race, nationality, ability and/or other vectors of identity. In this workshop we take as a starting point that German bureaucracy is designed to be inaccessible for these kinds of folks and we work from there to help you feel empowered and ready to get the benefits you need.

This workshop  costs 20 Euros. I hope to offer more workshops in the future on a sliding scale/pay what you can. Message me if you really want to come but can't afford the fee or would like to propose a trade.

Attendance is limited, so registration is required!

Don't forget to read the confirmation email carefully for all information on the venue for access and other details,  like what to bring.

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KSK Workshop on November 24, 2023

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