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Hosted by Harriet Goudard Family & Nature Constellations
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Meet with, or deepen your knowledge of Yew Tree spirit, through physical interaction, ritual and ceremony.

Open your stream of communion with Yew Tree through the creation of Yew Tree Flower Essences in this powerful portal

Dive deeper into your own shadow patterns with this worlds-walker and supportive luminary of your own interconnectedness with Nature herself.

Join our intimate group deep in the forest in Surrey with ancient English Yew Trees for a fully experiential day of Shamanic journeying, communion and collaboration. For Nature lovers only!

Who is it for?

People of all ages, genders and associations are drawn to Shamanic practices and the Path of the Shaman. We are blessed in the British Isles with an abundant coverage of ancient woodlands and such deep heritage of being at one with the Earth, Nature, her flora and fauna. This training invites you to go deeper in your connection with some of the wisest and most potent spirits of the forest, through direct, in-person, guided communion with them in one of the most beautiful natural woodlands in the UK.

Humble and Majestic Yew is an evergreen part of the deciduous landscape of many of the older-growth forests in Northern Europe, oft on well-draining soils. Its fine, waxy needles resemble Pine, but upon closer inspection, not only do we miss the signature scent of the Pine, but also the branches are woven more densely, more intricately, less conforming to a predetermined, or predictable pattern of replication...

Yew, up close, looks like chaos itself...

Bark flaking off in flat layers, like some sort of reptilian skin, curves and twists in the slow growth of the trunk not unlike swirls of ink on the surface of water...

Overall, a masterpiece of organic creation - shaped, not only by the elements themselves, but by some preconceived intelligence that - upon aging some thousand years - actually physically turns them inside out...

As some sort of long-metaphorical advice to our own existence, they map out the Hero's wanderings, succumbing to chaos in his early days - and then a seeing through of perseverance, a definite and solid anchoring and taking up of space - and then a clearing out of one's channel, to run Divinity from head to root and back again...

Some say that the Yews are holders of Souls... certainly, without this clarity of channel, in my experience they can and do pick up the energy of whomever projects upon them - but as soon as they are clear-centred, there is an ethereal lightness of consciousness, when, combined with the ancient wisdom of thousands of years bears fruit for whomever opens themselves to this level of communion.

Journeywork with Yew Tree spirit is profoundly visual, profoundly somatic and incredibly instructive. Rather than necessarily showing up in personified form, although She/ He may well do, He holds a wider container for the deeper work to take place. Find out more about Yew Shamanism here.

Unique forest location - a secret location within the Surrey Hills AONB (meet the trees that escaped the surveys!)

Deepen your meditative, psychic & Shamanic practices and take them to the next level

Qualified and highly experienced guides and therapists, teaching skills and techniques - and holding space for the breakthroughs

Meet peers and likeminded folk, to make supportive bonds that last for ages!

Learn skills and techniques that you can offer to your clients.

Expect to spend the day outside in the woodlands of the Surrey Hills AONB, with the majestic, ancient Yew Trees (estimated at 1500 years old and more). The work will be both standing, walking and lying down with the trees in communion, working with flower essences and journeywork.

The Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty is really that - and much, much more...

Atop a chalk and sand-ribbed landscape, peppered with Flint (varying colours of chalcedony quartz), this area is both beautiful and historic. Bisected by the 132 degree leyline (Dragon Line), it is a powerful vortex both for plant life and fauna, as well as for seekers willing to look under the hood of creation.

Please bring a packed lunch, water/ thermos and snacks. Residential options available, please enquire.


Feedback from previous workshops:

‘I found a renewed energy and sense of hope that came through starting to experience the energy and guidance of the yew trees. I have found them daunting in the past, but Harriet brought about a much deeper understanding of their wisdom and power, in me.I feel like I have a lot more to learn about them and would love to do more.’

‘Such a special day. It was so interesting and I thought Harriet guided and structured the day perfectly. The workshop flowed and was paced just right. Some anxieties and fear left me by the end of the day, and a few days later I am still feeling calmer and more grounded. I am still thinking through the insights and understanding I gained which is so valuable.’

Places limited. Directions given upon reservation.

Please note that Yew Spirit is an incredibly powerful activator and ally and we generally know deeply if we have been called into this work with Yew.

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