Bullerengue and Breathwork with Steven Ebbers

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Unlock the senses through your primal instruments …

This event is all about connecting with our primal, expressive selves and being seen in the process. Experiencing contraction and expansion in a safe and held environment.

Welcome to Bullerengue and Breath!

Bullerengue is a beautiful ritualised practice from Colombia, designed to strengthen the community and process difficulties.

In this 4 hour workshop we’ll explore this ancient practice and all its elements: rhythm, drumming, singing, dancing and connection.

But we’ll be exploring this with a twist, to go deeper into the practice and make it come alive even more…we are combining the Bullerengue ritual with breathwork.

This workshop will consist of two parts.

The first part will focus on all the individual parts of the experience, creating a safe container and getting to know each other in the process.

For the second part, we’ve designed a beautiful journey for which we’ll follow the process of life itself. Starting out with simply breathing and, from there, discovering ourselves, our movement, our voice and the other person until we eventually engage with the entire group.

Fully expressing ourselves in the “Rueda”, exploring boundaries, interaction, our masculine and feminine sides, our voice and our natural movement.

From there, we’ll slow down again, breathing freely and exploring what we’ve learned from the microcosm we’ve just created.

Looking forward to this evening full of expression and hope to meet you there!


Team Bullerengue Breath

★★★★★ This was an incredible experience, easily the most immersive and life-changing experience of this year. The facilitators were great; they cared about the safety and comfort of everyone in the room. The connections felt during the breathwork are nothing like I've felt before. - Dhiresh


Please bring a blanket and a small pillow to put your head on

  • Please wear loose and comfy clothes.
  • A notebook and pen
  • A water bottle
  • A relatively empty stomach, this helps with the breathing
  • Some free time afterwards to allow for integration.

Please read through the following documents


Release and Waiver

Your Facilitators

Bullerengue Circle - Valeria Pacific and Esteban Cardona

Made By Tottenham | Directory | Bullerengue Circle CIC

Bullerengue Circle CIC was founded in 2022 with the aim of fostering the Afro Colombian tradition of bullerengue as a conscious practice. Its founders, Valeria and Esteban, have been actively involved with the Latinx community in London since 2019, promoting bullerengue as a tool for wellbeing and connection. 

Bullerengue is a set of rhythms belonging to the line of sung dances from Colombia’s Caribbean coast, which has origins in West Africa due to the arrival of enslaved peoples to the country during the transatlantic slave trade. It’s made up of different elements including traditional drums -Alegre and Llamador-, shakers, claps and call-and-response chants, as well as dance, which plays a fundamental role by allowing us to express emotions through the body in connection and dialogue with the drums and chants. But bullerengue is much more than just music or an artistic expression: it’s a ritual and a lifestyle; a symbol of resistance and connection to the root. It carries with it an implicit ancestral wisdom of resources that have been used as tools of healing and resilience by civilisations all over the world. 

Being practised in ruedas (circles), it promotes inclusion, community and diversity. During the rueda, all its participants unify their voices in response to a main chant through the repetition of mantra-like choruses that evoke a state of trance. This natural hypnosis elevates us to a space of joy, peace, synchrony and harmony and, in this way, helps us release emotional blockages and transcend mental barriers, fears and limitations by turning them into sound, rhythm and vibration. It’s essentially an active meditation. 

Valeria Pacific: https://www.instagram.com/val.pacific/

Esteban Card: https://www.instagram.com/esteban_card/ 

Together they are: https://www.instagram.com/bullerengue.circle/ 

Steven Ebbers

Hi, I'm Steven, and I’m all about connection…connection to yourself, to others and our environment. I definitely believe we need a little more of that in the world today! 

I love helping people to question their reality and reconnect them to what I call the Simple-Self. That part of you that knows exactly what it needs, how simple it may be. Whether that’s a good conversation with a good friend whilst walking through the woods , being creative, or a little dance .

When we reconnect to the Simple-Self we quickly realise how little we actually need and how we can let go of everything else that doesn't serve us.

And that’s where the breath comes in…our breathing doesn’t lie. It connects us straight to what’s alive in us, whether that’s joy or stress. There’s no hiding when it comes to the breath. Which is why it is my favourite tool!

I use all kinds of breathing modules depending on what you need; activating or relaxation techniques for shorter sessions or Conscious Connected breathing for the more deep and intense sessions.

I’ve been doing Breathwork sessions on and off for about 7 years until I got fully qualified, and I have to say: Nothing is the same once you start breathing properly!

Besides being a qualified breathwork facilitator I'm also an ICF accredited coach, I have a background in Psychology (MSc) and I’m a Firewalk Facilitator.

Steven Ebbers: https://www.instagram.com/_breathlife_/ 

Simon Sweeney: https://www.instagram.com/sialcrsw/



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