The Path to Pleasure, Summer Solstice Celebration

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Hosted by Birthing in New Earth
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Held over the Full Moon and High Sun, 20 - 23 June 2024, Cornwall, UK


We invite you to experience an outstanding, once in a lifetime, never to be held again Celebration. What started as a retreat has grown into a celebration of the Full Moon on the Summer Solstice - Fire meets Water - Divine Masculine meets Divine Feminine as a frequency of creation. 

Imagine, there are moments in life where you instinctively know, that something magical is afoot and the alignment for our Path To Pleasure is just that. Remarkable synchronicity is at play. It’s rare to experience a Full Moon at the Summer Solstice. You'll be staying in Boho Chic, Nature based Luxury to take you into deep connection with the Earth.

You will enjoy six facilitators offering workshops, healing modalities, experiences and ceremonies. An opening fire ceremony celebrating the Masculine followed by a Full Moon ceremony on Day 2 and finally we bring in Union with the 3rd day of the Alchemical Marriage.  We are tapping into mystic waters.


Pleasure is the ultimate feeling of wellbeing. It has qualities of intensity, desire, instinct, sensuality, surrender, raison d’etre /a reason to be, value, quality, expression and experience. It can be found in nature and it can be created. It is instantaneous and it is enduring.

Our retreat guarantees you will experience pleasure and take it into your life and business.

We have curated a 4 day, 3 night experience choosing a retreat location that is immersed in nature. Our venue, Cabilla, is situated on Bodmin Moor, an area of outstanding natural beauty in England. The night skies are some of the darkest in the UK so that we can star gaze and Moon gaze. The river running through is so clean that you can drink it whilst swimming in it. The ancient oak forest is one of the oldest in Britain and the moor is known for its ancient sacred sites, such as Hurlers Stone Circles, and the abundance of standing stones and holy wells. Immersion in nature is what Cabilla is all about. Healing your Soul from the inside out with spaciousness in exquisite peaceful landscapes.

Our team of experts coming from Sweden Europe, California USA, Australia and London UK are gathering to curate a delightful pleasure festival. They'll be offering a secret mixture of ingredients to ignite your life and business: conversations on pleasure, satisfaction, life, love, health, sensuality and wellbeing.

There will be a Full Moon ceremony where we sip artisan Cacao and then embody pleasure with ecstatic dance.

Manifesting pleasure in our lives means we choose pleasure.


DAY 1: Thursday June 20

  • Arrive at Cabilla centre in Bodmin Moor and check in to your cabin
  • Enjoy a yoga session to relax and rejuvenate
  • Sauna or swim in the river that is so clean you can drink it
  • Participate in a circle activation/meditation to singing chalice to connect with your inner pleasure
  • Have dinner together and get to know your fellow participants
  • A welcome circle and intro to all the facilitators
  • A Summer Solstice Fire Ceremony Honouring Divine Masculine


DAY 2: Friday June 21 - The Summer Solstice

  • Attend a workshop on the art of pleasure from Nina Yderberg
  • Options for guided walks in nature, swimming in the river, sauna and time to self
  • Have a private photo shoot with Louise Sixtensson (optional throughout retreat but bookings must be made in advance)
  • Embodiment movement session with Sam Briatico
  • Evening Full Moon Cacao Ceremony and ecstatic dance party going into the longest night celebrating Divine Feminine energy


DAY 3: Saturday June 22 - Full Moon Day

  • Enjoy a morning of yoga and meditation
  • Participate in a circle of pleasure to share your experiences and insights
  • Aphrodisiacs and their benefits workshop with Inarra Griffyn
  • Deep Satisfaction workshop with Nina Yderberg
  • Nicole Syverson on Wilde Femme
  • Johanneke Kodde on Human Design
  • Visit The Hurler's Stone Circle and beautiful Cornwall beach
  • Alchemical Marriage ceremony with Inarra, weaving the Divine Masculine with Divine Feminine to create your King & Queen activation


DAY 4: Sunday June 23

  • Morning yoga and meditation
  • All facilitators give their take on pleasure and leadership
  • Breakfast together
  • Closing circle creating a map of pleasure in all aspects of your life
  • Final photographic shoots
  • Depart Cabilla



Venue details:

Cabilla exists to connect everyone in the world with the restorative power of nature. Cabilla brings together the beauty of rare and ancient nature, with a touch of quiet luxury. You will leave feeling happier than when you arrived, taking with you a renewed sense of clarity, balance and motivation.

Stay amid the wild beauty of Bodmin Moor in a Koyt cabins. Inspired by Cornish ‘Quoits’ (also called Dolmens or Cromlechs), which were a type of portal or spiritual chamber that date from the Neolithic period. The Koyts will help provide comfort and warmth whilst you connect and restore in the wild magic of Cabilla Cornwall.


Click here more details and to check out all our amazing facilitators:


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