When Women Were The Shamans

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A lecture on the historical context of women’s mystery teachings in pre-patriarchal Europe with scholar Gabriela Gutierrez.


Please Note: If you cannot attend the live class, a recording will be available. Please sign up and then send an email to Gabriela at hello@gabrielagutierrez.net with a snapshot of your ticket purchase and let her know you will need a recording.

In an academic and social climate that gives precedence to the history of war, conquest, and the lives of kings, many have begun to ask the question, “where were the women?” This class hopes to begin to answer that question.

You will be presented with some of the roles, activities, beliefs and practices of ancient women from Europe from approximately 60,000 - 1500 BC, who were once the intermediaries between the people and the gods. Their roles were considered essential in the maintenance of harmony, both social and ecological, and by uncovering their wisdom, we may be able to contribute to restoring balance in our own world during these troubled times.

This will be part lecture, part experiential practice exploring the worldview, teachings and practices of these ancient women.  There will be a visualisation to connect with the womb as the seat of wisdom and power in the body and as the gateway between this world and the other, with space for sharing and questions at the end. 

What to expect

  • The historical context of women’s religion in pre-patriarchal Europe
  • A meditation practice to reconnect with your body and your womb 
  • A method to induce an altered state and access direct revelation from the gods
  • Dreamwork practices to aid dream recollection and strengthen your seership in the dreamscape

You are encouraged to continue working with the practices you learn, and integrate them into your daily life for a period of time to give them a chance to unfold in you.


Ways you will benefit 

A deeper sense of belonging in the world, rooted in the knowledge of a rich spiritual heritage of ancient women who lived before us

Reconnecting with your own inner wisdom

Trusting in your own sovereignty and direct relationship with the divine

A deeper sense of intimacy with your body, particularly your womb

Enhanced confidence in your ability to trust your intuition and develop a heightened awareness of the subtle realms 

What to Bring 

A notebook, blanket and eye-covering. You may wish to set up a Sacred Space to call in from. This can be as simple as lighting a candle or a full blown altar - beeswax candles are recommended. And because darkness is an important ally in this work, you may want to turn blinds down and close curtains to go into semi-darkness. 



Gabriela is a scholar and teacher of the mythic imagination, mysticism and ancient history. Her work stems from her decade-long studies with shamans and renunciants, and is focused on the revival of women’s wisdom traditions in Europe & the Middle East. Her writing and research can be found on her Substack ‘Under a Fig Tree’.


"I cannot recommend Gabriela’s classes highly enough. To me there is no doubt she is amongst the great teachers on this Earth." - Noora Al Qassimi, Lawyer at United Nations, Abu Dhabi, UAE

"Gabriela is a rare find and an exquisite teacher. She is a unique combination of scholarly astuteness and mystical wisdom." - Ian Yan, Traditional Healer, Malaysia






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