The Metamodern Academy: A Masterclass in Metamodernism

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A graduate-level course on metamodernism with Hanzi Freinacht, Emil Ejner Friis and Daniel Görtz

This masterclass will be an intense experience. It is by far the most advanced offered thus far, corresponding to a university graduate-level course. The masterclass is specifically designed for those wanting to ground their lives and livelihoods in metamodern theory, practice, values, and networks.

If you want to acquire the deepest understanding about metamodernism available, and then use that as a grounding for your life (professionally, personally, politically) this is the course for you. It won't be easy, but it is doable, and it is – we believe – what the world needs more people to dare to try.


The course runs for 2½h/day of presentations and workshops (19:00 – 21:30 CEST), plus (optional) daily course work of about 1h: (reading, reflection, preparation, application, etc.), Monday-Friday for three weeks. If you miss the live sessions, you can watch recordings. To those who are interested, there will be hangout sessions at the end of each class.

It is recommended that you are familiar with metamodernism beforehand (for instance, having read Hanzi Freinacht’s books) and that you commit significant time, concentration, and effort in order to benefit from the course.

The course chiefly includes new and hitherto unpublished content and discussions – and includes thorough sneak-peeks on coming Hanzi books. The course material (articles, etc.) for each day is sent out weekly during the course. This is included in the masterclass.

After the 3-week masterclass itself, there is a 1-week PRACTICE WORKSHOP. Here we will work together to get every participant into the “game of life” faced by metamodern-inclined people who wish to make it in the world, to succeed, to contribute, to find their tribes, and to manage their roles within mainstream society.

The masterclass is followed up with one personal call with the tutors, wherein feedback is offered for the further development of learning, perspective, and possible next steps. This is instead of a formal examination: you create something within your own field and the tutors offer feedback from the perspective of what has been discussed during the course.

Additionally, the masterclass offers great opportunities for networking and co-creating projects with the other participants.

We warmly look forward to taking this journey with you. May we together bring the metamodern network to life in the real world, in your life, and beyond.


Week 1: FULLER UNDERSTANDING OF METAMODERNISM (from the upcoming Hanzi Freinacht books)

  • Monday: The Six Metamemes and The General Principle of “Skewed” Development
  • Tuesday: The Hidden Rhythm of History (and how to make world history your dance floor)
  • Wednesday: The Golden “Art-Always-Comes-First” Principle
  • Thursday: Outcompeting Capitalism
  • Friday: The New Class Analysis (and where you fit in)


  • Monday: How to Recognize Metamodern Culture in Daily Life
  • Tuesday: The Both-Ands of Metamodernism
  • Wednesday: -=[ participatory symposium ]=-
  • Thursday: The Destruction of Postmodernism by AI
  • Friday: The Depth Psychology of Aesthetics


  • Monday: Attractor Points, Non-Linear Development, and the Secret Art of Seeing Around Corners
  • Tuesday: The Foundations of Metamodern Economics
  • Wednesday: The Core Principles of Metamodern Ethics and Justice
  • Thursday: Epistemic Corruption and Sensemaking
  • Friday: The Listening Society and How to Get There (before it’s too late)


PRACTICE WORKSHOP: Living and Thriving as a Metamodernist

  • Monday: Don’ts and Dos in Metamodern Life
  • Tuesday: Five Metamodern Career Paths (and how to pursue them)
  • Wednesday: Beating the New Enemy: Postmodern Sklavenmoral
  • Thursday: Staying Sane in a World on the Brink of Madness
  • Friday: Kill your Guru, Find your Meta-team


The pricing is set to correspond to the lower end of what a university masters course of similar length would cost.

Abundant: £950
Standard: £900
Low income: £800 (limited to 10 places)

If you have questions and/or if you want to hear more about the course before you commit you are welcome to send an email to (with a short presentation of yourself) and schedule a video call with Daniel or Emil.

Your hosts

Daniel Görtz (b. 1983) has a Ph.D. in Sociology and has previously taught at the University of Lund in Sweden (social psychology, research methodology, criminology). During his conventional career, he was a police ethnographer who rode police cars all through the night and discussed matters of work, life, and racial profiling with open-hearted officers. Since those days, Daniel has moved into a chalet (with a Jacuzzi) in the Alps to write and philosophize alone, been part of the Berlin metamodernist scene, and worked as an in-house tech philosopher.

He remains a renegade scholar who lives and breathes ideas, research, teaching, and learning at the hinterlands of our times.

Emil Ejner Friis (b. 1981) is a theory artist and a teacher of metamodernism, he is a co-founder of Metamoderna and one of the writers behind Hanzi Freinacht. He has spent the last ten years trying to figure out how to create a listening society, a kinder and more developed society that deeply cares for the happiness and emotional needs of every citizen.

For the past year, he’s been living on a remote tropical island where he has been swimming with dogs.

When he’s not writing and theorizing, he’s conspiring with other metamodernly inclined hackers, hipsters, and hippies to outcompete modern society. To pay the rent he sells words, all the best words.

Emil is a skilled and experienced speaker with a reputation of being entertaining and good at making complex ideas easier to digest.


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