The Return of the Jaguar Spirit - A 10 day Medicine Retreat in the heart of the Amazon

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Hosted by Harley Rose Healing
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The Intention 


The Jaguar spirit teaches you how to discover your hidden inner strength while encouraging you to embrace change without fear. They are a fierce warrior, often depicted in the feminine form of a Goddess who teaches us integrity, and how to leap gracefully from moment to moment or life to life.

Jaguar spirit is a gatekeeper to the mystical and ways of awakening your soul to its real purpose and power. If she’s calling you - you will feel it. She will purrr to you in the darkness, she will invite you into her mystery.

And when you hear her calling, you must go.


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For this potent 10 day journey, you are invited to reconnect with your untameable, wild nature as we enter into the deep mystery of the Amazon Rainforest, a place where the earth speaks, and the soul listens.

This journey is intended to be an initiation, calling upon the great Jaguar spirit to walk with you, so that you may develop the strength of spirit required to propel you gracefully through life’s challenges.

Just as the snake sheds its skin as it goes through natural processes of renewal, you too, will move through various stages of cleansing, shedding and preparation, aligning your physical body, mind and spirit to move beyond the threshold that keeps you comfortable, stuck and small.


The Medicines



You will meet with the protective and cleansing medicine of Tobacco, the compassionate heart healing medicine of the Rose, the visionary medicine of the Grandmother and the wise medicine of Huachuma. As you weave with these sacred plants, you will recalibrate through the deepest levels of your being, creating balance and harmony on a cellular level, supported by two feminine and two masculine medicines, representative of the Mother, Father, Grandmother and Grandfather - creating a precious and rare opportunity to rebirth into sacred remembrance, as purified children of the Earth.


The Process



Within an intimately and integrally held container, with plenty of spaciousness for integration, connecting with like-minded individuals all on the same healing journey as you and communing with the powerful nature that surrounds you - you will inevitably move through great stages of healing and transformation.

This in-depth program has been intentionally curated with great attention to detail, with activities that support your processes with the medicines.

  • 3 Tobacco cleanses
  • 2 Grandmother medicine Ceremonies
  • Huachuma Ceremonial hike through the jungle to discover places resembling the fantasy world of Avatar and view of macaws in the clay lick
  • 9 nights accommodation in a comfortable shared or private jungle casita
  • Delicious and nutritious daily drinks and meals, lovingly prepared
  • Healing Rose Ceremony
  • Embodied Yoga & Meditation practice
  • Opportunity to visit and bathe in the volcanic hot springs inside the national park
  • Shamanic Healing group session
  • Integration circles & support
  • Cacao ceremony
  • Sacred andean prayer ‘Despacho offering’
  • Rapé Ceremony
  • Tour of the land and medicinal reforestation project
  • Nights gathered around the Sacred Fire to sing, dance and share the medicine of Rapé
  • Domestic return travel from Pucallpa to Contanama via private plane or ferry
  • Return transfer from Contanama to Inti Yacu Retreat centre
  • Beautiful connections with likeminded souls all on the same journey as you
  • Safe and integral container for deep inner work
  • Follow up group integration call two weeks after the retreat
Community spaces and the Thermal Hot springs at Inti Yacu

"Sitting down to encapsulate my  journey comes with teary eyes, goosebumps & spirits dancing praises around my body. Fine tuning into a simple paragraph could never do that time justice.Tenderly held by the jungle & profoundly protected by the spirits & ancestors of the land, thanks to the integral work & impeccable stewardship.Maja, Asdru, Harley & Juan Carlos cultivate a strong container of unconditional love & devotion to the medicine way.

They each bring their own unique gifts into ceremony, weaving through the collective with grace, compassion & precision. Showing up at just the right time; with a tender touch, a strong grounding presence, the light of a butterfly, with just the right ícaro. It’s an honor to receive their medicine, to witness their dedication to honoring the remembrance of old ways & to co-create sacred space with them.

I felt like I could curiously unfold, surrender in such a deep way. I was able to purge the weight choking my throat, burying the creative spark of my womb. I let myself be seen, in all spectrums. I let myself receive & I let healing in. I truly allowed my ~ Luminous Spirit ~ free & made lifetime connections in the process.

Muchas gracias, familia de medicina."

Alexandra - Luminous Spirit Retreat 2024

Preparing the Medicines and photos of the land and casitas at Inti Yacu


The land and centre: Inti Yacu


Story and Mission

Inti Yacu healing centre belongs to Juan Carlos Taminchi, who was raised in the Peruvian Amazon, immersed in a culture that still utilises plant medicine by way of the Curandero. Juan Carlos is devoted to maintaining these rituals as they have been practiced for thousands of years, and preserving the heritage of these traditions for the benefit of all with whom they share. He dedicates himself to the caretaking of sacred plants, protecting their natural habitat and reforesting them so that they can continue to heal and inspire many generations to come.

Inti Yacu is set among 37 hectares of the land that Juan Carlos and his family have been caretaking for the last 7 years, reintroducing many healing species. Amongst the medicinal plants that he has been reforesting are Ayahuxxxa, Chacruna, Chacrupanga, Chuchuwasi, Ajos Sacha, Coca, Bobinzana, Wayra Caspi, Piñón Colorado, Patiquina negra, Lupuna blanca (Ceiba Pentadra), Malva, Chiric sanango and Tobacco which he utilises for ceremonies, plant dietas and traditional Amazonian healings.

People travel from all over the world to stay at Inti Yacu for ceremonies, physical cleansing and spiritual healing, feeling the call and presence of these great plant spirits and the potent energy of this sacred land and jungle.

Accommodation & Food

Inti Yacu runs only on Solar power and rain water, with cosy cabanas set amongst the trees of the rainforest offering beautiful views out into deep green, you’ll commune with the jungle and enjoy sightings of monkeys and other animal friends, right from the place where you sleep. Each casita is built by hand with materials from the surrounding environment and comes complete with a compost toilet, whilst rain water is utilised for showering. Relax in your very own hammock by day and sleep deeply, serenaded by the sounds of the frogs, in your comfy bed by night, lit only by star and candle light.

With lovingly prepared home cooked food from Mamma Maria, you’ll enjoy locally sourced and deliciously ensembled, traditional Peruvian food in our community space.


Pucallpa is the final stop along the great Ucayali River before the Amazon jungle begins. From Pucallpa a 6 hour boat or short 30 minute flight brings you to Contamana, the nearest small town to Inti Yacu. Luckily, since we are in such a remote location, it is yet to receive an influx of tourism despite neighbouring a place of enchanting natural beauty, Sierra del Divisor National Park, a biodiverse rainforest reserve shared with Brazil. Just a short walk from Inti Yacu, the famous boiling river, which is heated by the Volcanos from the nearby mountains offers thermal bathing amid cascading jungle landscapes. With many hiking trails  to explore to mesmerising waterfalls, ancient altars and even the Jaguar’s hunting grounds, there’s plenty of places to visit by foot from Inti Yacu. Most notably, it is possible to take the winding jungle trail to the primary location in South America where the Guacamayo’s from all over Peru, Brazil and Bolivia come to feed off the natural minerals every morning.

Getting Here

We have created a detailed PDF of how to get to Inti Yacu Healing Centre, which you can find via the link below.

You will need to fly to Lima, Peru - then take an internal flight to Pucallpa. From there, your onward travel is included in your ticket. Harley and Juan Carlos will meet you to bring you to Inti Yacu via private plane or boat from Pucallpa to Contamana - followed by a 1 hour drive into the jungle.

Travel Information


Meet your hosts: Harley Rose 

Harley specialises in womb healing, guided by the Divine energy of the Rose and is also a Kundalini & Energetic Healing Practitioner, Akashic Records consultant and spirit-led Healer with a grounded background in Psychology.

She has been working as a Therapist, devoted to the service of self-empowered healing for the past four years, helping people to master their energetic body, engage with divine embodiment and learn somatic release techniques. Much of her present therapeutic practice is focused on plant spirit medicine, helping people to prepare and integrate for and from peak experiences. She also loves to guide group experiences and events intended to ignite the healing capacity within each of us.


The modalities she offers are heart based, rooted in Shamanic studies, intuitive (yet structured by extensive training) and potent. Through her service she holds a space for people to safely enter into deep enquiry within themselves, surrender without fear of judgment and own the opportunity to shift, transform and illuminate the shadow.

Discover More: @harley.rose.healing  |

Harley Rose sharing Ceremonial songs at Cenote Belam Ha


Meet your hosts: Juan Carlos Taminchi

Juan Carlos is dedicated to the path of medicine and plant spirit channeling. Coming from an ancient Amazonian lineage on his fathers side and of Andean (Incan) descent on his mothers side, he has a unique way of drawing together these rich cultural heritages through his work and service as an Ayahuascaro, Tabaccero, Visionairy Artist and Musician.

He has been sharing his work around the world for the last 20 years, best known for his powerful ikaros and the quality of the medicine he prepares, always returning to his home in the jungle to recommune with the land and offer healing to those who need it.

Juan Carlos was raised in the Peruvian Amazon, immersed in a culture that still utilises plant medicine by way of the Curandero. Juan Carlos is devoted to maintaining these rituals as they have been practiced for thousands of years, and preserving the heritage of these traditions for the benefit of all with whom they share. He dedicates himself to the caretaking of sacred plants, protecting their natural habitat and reforesting them so that they can continue to heal and inspire many generations to come.

He is the guardian of Inti Yacu, the Healing centre, the sacred space where our retreat will take place. People travel from all over the world to stay at Inti Yacu for ceremonies, physical cleansing and spiritual healing, feeling the call and presence of these great plant spirits and the potent energy of this sacred land and jungle.

Discover More: & @taminchivisions

Juan Carlos Taminchi, Medicine Festival, UK 2023


The Itinerary


Thursday, 24th October

Arrivals + welcome lunch

Land orientation + Dinner

Despacho + Rapé Ceremony

Friday, 25th October

Morning Tobacco Purge

Lunch + Dinner

Shamanic Energy Healing

Saturday, 26th October

Morning Tobacco Purge

Lunch + Dinner

Fire + Singing Circle

Sunday, 27th October

Morning Tobacco Purge

Lunch + Dinner

Rose Ceremony

Monday, 28th October

Embodied Yoga Practice

Breakfast + Lunch

Ayahuasca Ceremony

Tuesday, 29th October

Breakfast + Lunch

Integration Circle

Ayahuasca Ceremony

Wednesday, 30th October

Breakfast + Lunch

Integration Circle

Optional visit to Hot Springs

Thursday, 31st October

Hauchuma Ceremonial hike

Dinner + Fire Circle

Friday, 1st November (New Moon)

Cacao Ceremony

Breakfast + Lunch

Optional visit to Hot Springs

Dinner + Evening Celebration

Saturday, 2nd November



Casitas at Inti Yacu



Please note, to preserve the integrity of the space, this is an intimate retreat limited to only 13 participants.. 

To avoid disappointment,  please reserve your space as soon as possible with a £400 GBP / $500 USD deposit.

Price includes:

  • 9 nights of Accommodation & all meals, drinks and snacks consumed at Inti Yacu throughout your stay
  • Workshops, Medicines, Ceremonies & Integration support - guided by Harley Rose & Juan Carlos
  • All trips & excursions - to the Hot Spring River, National Park Entry Fee & Wachuma Hike guided by Juan Carlos Taminchi
  • Internal Transport from Pucallpa to Contanama & back again - via Private Plane & Night Boat
  • Transfer from Contanama - Inti Yacu via mini bus or TukTuk

Does not include:

  • Flights to/from Peru
  • Transport to/from Pucallpa & Accomodation there

Choose from private or shared (2 people per casita) accommodation:

  • Private jungle casita - £2,000 GBP / $2,550 USD
  • Shared jungle casita - £1,806 GBP / $2,300 USD


A percentage of your contribution is donated towards the reforestation project at Inti Yacu.

Grandmother Ceiba at Int Yacu


Words cannot describe how impactful or transformative this experience was. I was a lost soul before arriving, I left with a second chance at life. I am eternally grateful to these beautiful people, I will be returning no doubt about it. If you or anyone you know is struggling, this is your sign. Please, we can recover. Unequivocally the greatest experience of my life thus far thanks to the entire team. Kindest and most pure souls I’ve ever met in my life. Wonderful accommodation, delicious food, soul awakening workshops and beautiful ceremonies. Peace and love. Thank you again.

-Testimonial from Alec, Luminous Spirit Retreat 2024

Practical Info


For enquiries or to arrange a discovery call please email  Harley at:

Websites:  |

Instagrams: @harley.rose.healing  |  @taminchivisions 


Your space will be reserved after we receive your $500 non-refundable deposit.


  • Cancellation six weeks (or more) prior to retreat start date: remaining balance fully refundable
  • Cancellation six weeks to one month prior to retreat start date: remaining balance 75% refundable
  • Cancellation one month to two weeks prior to retreat start date: remaining balance 50% refundable
  • Cancellation two weeks prior to retreat start date: remaining balance 25% refundable
  • Cancellation one week or less prior to retreat start date: remaining balance non-refundable

Upon paying your deposit you thereby agree to these above terms and conditions, this includes payments received in full and agreed upon payment plans.


There are certain conditions and/or medications that are unsafe to mix with the medicine. For your best health and interest it is very important that you declare the following:

  • Medications with SSRIs, MAOIs or antidepressants
  • Recent Surgeries
  • Heart and blood pressure medications (including epilepsy)
  • Psychiatric imbalance
  • If you are a women in your first trimester of pregnancy

If any of the above apply to you, please contact Harley for a consultation to speak about the options you have.

Select tickets

This is an intimate retreat container, with only 13 spaces being offered. Please choose from either private or shared accommodation below.
Shared Jungle Casita £1,806
Full payment - Shared Jungle Casita
Private Jungle Casita £2,000
Full payment - Private Jungle Casita
Deposit £400
Upon receiving your deposit, your space will be confirmed - please first contact Harley to discuss availability and to reserve your private or shared casita
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