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Hosted by The Rising Dawn Sanctuary CIC
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Welcome to THE VILLAGE

5 days collectively remembering how to live together

A chance to deepen your relationship with YourSelf, Others and our Planet.

Think of this as a 5 day ceremony. To play, flow, groove and grieve together. A seeding of an ancient dream. A twig placed on the embers of transformation. A nod to those who carved a path up the mountain.

We won't be paying a few headlining musicians loads of money and expecting everyone else to make offerings for free.

We are here to collaborate across the board and every penny of profit will be going towards our Sanctuary Fund which we will use to actually create a Village. One you may just wish to be a part of.

What is the Village?

A 5-day wellness gathering to come together in community with the intention to deepen our connection to ourselves, one another and nature.

There will be music, yoga, meditation, dance, breathwork, healthy food, healing workshops, children's area & much more.

Drug and alcohol-free event.

What's on offer?

~ Epic musicians and DJ's playing groovy music to move your body to 🎢
~ Luscious and nutritious organic veggie/vegan meals cooked and blessed with love πŸ₯‘
~ Workshops for adults, teens and children to bring the mind, body and soul into harmony (keep an eye on our IG for workshop announcements) ✨
~ A healing space with therapists to help you re-energise and re-vitilise 😌
~ Intimacy Temple to connect through the heart with yourself and others πŸ•‰οΈπŸ›•
~ Yoga and meditation to bring peace and tranquillity πŸ€—
~ Men's Circles, Women's Circles and Unification Ceremony to share our thoughts/feelings and deepen our connection to one another πŸ‘¨πŸ½πŸ‘±β€β™€οΈ
~ Sacred Fires to Power Up your Intentions and Dreams and have wicked jams πŸ”₯
~ Yin and Yang zones depending on whether you need relaxation or action πŸ₯°πŸ₯³
~ Free-Flow Fun and sports for all kids, big or small 😝

You are welcome to come get settled from 1pm Thursday 29th August - opening circle commences 7.30pm.

Food will be available to buy from Thursday evening to Monday morning. Meal tickets are available too!
It will be mostly organic and will include 3 meals a day - with gorgeous, healthy puddings available too.
The sharing of food is something we are very passionate about!


Everyone will be put into a Fellowship - a group where you will meet, get support on what is coming up for you and celebrate together.

The Hummingbird - Β£95 (only 25 available - for those who are struggling with money)
The Blackbird - Β£110 (available until 30nd June)
The Robin - Β£125
Teen (aged 13-17) - Β£40
Under 13s - Β£20
Under 3s - free.

We have a limited number of tickets to keep it a beautiful, community-bonding experience.


You have our word that we will use every pound of profit to continue building a beautiful Sanctuary for the community on the land near Leeds. We are taking these first steps thanks to your support and you get to enjoy an epic Village experience! 
Win-win me thinks.


This event will be a chance to detox from phones, substances and daily distractions. We hold it as a non-negotiable agreement that you do not use mind-altering substances if you wish to join. This includes alcohol, marijuana and other drugs + plant medicines. We trust that the energy of the space and the practices offered will support you to feel confident and at home without the need for any external substances.

The root of what The Village Festival stands for pivots around our 4 Ceremonies. These anchor points are there to help us maintain a Sacred and Transformational container for the 5 days and it's partly the reason why we ask everyone coming to The Village to join us for the whole 5 days.

Opening Ceremony
Here we arrive in the space. We set the container and the agreements for our shared time together. We set intentions and we find the point of unity between us all. That core value we can all stand behind and bow to. We will also form our Fellowships for the 5 days.

Village Ritual
A playful experiment to drop into the amplified field of imagination. What would it look like if were genuinely living in a Village together. What archetype would you be holding? Are you a Shaman or a Warrior? Can you touch the edge of your comfort zone and move into the aliveness that comes on the other side? This ritual will be a generational devotional act and a planting of a seed that we hope to see flourish in the years to come.

Yin/Yang Unification Ceremony
We will have a men's circle, a womens circle and a mixed circle. After dropping into Sacred Brotherhood and Sacred Sisterhood, we will emerge into the space to meet eye-to-eye. An opportunity to let go of past grievances so we can move forward in respect, honouring and healing.

Closing Ceremony
Wrapping up the weekend. Sitting deep with what you can truly take away from your Village experience and implement into your everyday life as you return home.

*Family Friendly*
*Pet Friendly*

This festival will be Fully Solar Powered by The Solar Sound Wizard.

There is parking on site.
Bring a tent or caravan.

Workshop/Healing/Music applications here:

WhatsApp Jote Prakash on 07866141514 if you have any questions or if you simply wish to have chat about anything you are unsure about...

If you feel the call to join us for The Village it's're a deep listener and you have a habit of finding your way to places of beauty and spaces born out of a great love

... are ready to allow the gifts of your soul to emerge and flower in the world

... are ready to connect with the richness of the inner world and be the bridge between inner and outer over which inspiration flows

... are tired of feeling detached from community

... have experienced an awakening from conditioned reality

... are longing to be accepted for your fullness

... are open to exploring deeper intimacy with life

... are looking to remember how to live in community

... are feeling brave enough to expand yourself past the norm

... are wondering if there’s more to life

... are seeking deep connection with yourself and others

... are an absolute legend

... are wanting more from your connections but haven't found the missing piece

... are needing some much-needed respite from everyday life

... are deeply devoted to systemic change from the inside out

... are willing to embrace your shadow equally as much as your light




We are so blessed to have the beautiful Greenvale space at Huntley Wood for the Village. 

β€œAmong leafy hills lies a secluded valley, a secret lowland plain encircled by wooded walls.”

The Greenvale is the largest site at Huntley Wood, approximately 70 acres in size. It encompasses a wide, grassy valley which provides a beautiful camping area, surrounded by woodland.

The Greenvale is equipped with luxury toilet & shower facilities and our oak framed Club House/Barn which has a log burner, internal oak beams and other traditional features.

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Select tickets

Hummingbird Β£95
Only 25 available - for those who are struggling with money
Blackbird Β£110
Available until 30th June (or until sold out)
Robin Β£125
Final Release
Kids (under 13) Β£20
Under 3 (free) Β£0
Caravan (free) Β£0
Please let us know if you are coming in a caravan by adding this ticket to your basket
Teen Β£40
Meal Ticket Β£111
Includes 11 meals plus complimentary Masala Chai with eachΒ meal - bargain!
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