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Hosted by 5toMidnight International
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Join us for London's first TIAMAT workshop, led by its founder Ethan Hsieh. 
Maximum 15 spaces!

TIAMAT (The Integrative Approach and Methodology of Active Transformation) is a synergistic set of practices aimed at developing skilful connection between mind-and-body and self-and-group.

It's "self-development" that aims to overcome the common pitfalls that have given self-development its bad name – giving you tools to live skilfully and poetically without falling into self-obsession, self-tyranny, or guru-worship. Its a no-nonsense framework that integrates theater/acting training, Eastern traditions, and modern cognitive science.

Who is this for?

This event is open and accessible to performers and non-performers alike. It’s for anyone curious about their relationship to their mind, to their body, and to other people.

You will need to be 18 or older to join.

What will we do?

TIAMAT Tier 1 trains those muscles-for-graceful-living that help you shift perspectives, know what you're feeling, communicate effectively, listen deeply, and generate insight into knotty-problems. This training will involve:

  • Partner work, present-moment noticing and verbalising of experience.
  • Meditation exercises to develope awareness of experience.
  • Frame games to generate insight into how we make meaning from our experience.
  • Journaling exercises that invite perspective shifts.
  • Movement exercises to sync up body and mind
  • Serious play in The Playground to integrate the previous practices. By bringing all the practices dynamically into play, the mind-body develops the capacity to willfully embody perspective shifts, which affords insight into "how I relate to myself and to others".
  • Finally, looking at the Theoretical Context to help make sense of experience.

At the end of the workshop, you’ll be offered a free workbook with resources and guidance to continue independent practice. An integration call for follow-up and aftercare is also included.


Ethan Hsieh developed TIAMAT through 10 years of practice-research, working cross-culturally with actors and non-actors, in conversation with the latest cognitive science. Ethan has run TIAMAT workshops in Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia, France, Czechia, the Netherlands, and Singapore.

When & where?

This workshop will take place in Hampstead Heath over the bank holiday weekend: Saturday the 25th of May, Sunday the 26th of May, and Monday the 27th of May. Each day will run from 9am till 6pm. Participants will be informed of the meeting point by email.

Come join us in the Heath to explore, deepen, and finesse your relationship to mind, body, self, and other!

Ethan Hsieh is Artistic Director of 5toMidnight International and Director of Community Development and Partnerships at the Vervaeke Foundation. He holds an MA in Professional Practice: Theatre and Drama Facilitation from Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts.

If you want to find out more about TIAMAT before you join, you can check out this interview with John Vervaeke:

 Theatre-ritual-movement ecology of practices 

Or this podcast with Brain We Are:

 Practicing TIAMAT and Meaning 

TIAMAT testimonials

It’s hard to describe in words what happened at the Meaningful Camp…
During those two days, Ethan presented us with the tools to better integrate body, mind and soul. It was a huge dose of useful information and practices that I intended to incorporate into my life when I returned from camp. However, I had no idea that the change would start happening so quickly. All of these exercises we did together opened something in me, something I had not been able to notice before.
When I returned to my space after the camp, emotions bubbled to the surface. I realized that a mirror had been placed in front of me during those two days so that I could take a deeper look at what I had buried deep inside myself many years ago and had lost access to that part. All of the techniques I learned, and all of the conversations I was participating in during the weekend, allowed me to take a closer look at the deep-rooted pain within me and release a part of it. It was such a cleansing experience. That was not easy at all, but truly transformational.
I went to the camp without any specific expectations… I gained better access to my emotions, the opportunity to share stories and meaningful time with like-minded people, and oh my god, the start of a beautiful friendship with one of the participants. I feel like I won a lottery ticket. Thank you guys, from the bottom of my heart, for creating a space to experience such a valuable moment! 
– Monika, participant of a TIAMAT Tier 1 camp.

In speaking about my subjective experiences from an objective point of view, a safe distance is created for myself to heal, to rest, to plan and execute life. It is fruitful to practice objectifying the subjective senses to come to a sense of potential truth and then communicating that to a present group. […] By listening to these objectified thoughts and feelings we are able to latch on to them subjectively and are once again freed to emote, react and respond to the individuals on a subjective level, creating a space for empathy and authentic connection in a group.
– Jireh, arts educator, participant of a TIAMAT Tier 1 camp

Other upcoming TIAMAT workshops

Chalupa Podhora, Czech Republic 19th-26th of April (with Brain We Are)

Cologne, Germany 3rd-5th of May

Plot 9 Maze Hill, London, UK 12th of May, 2pm-6pm (taster session)

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