Temple - Wheel of Consent II

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“You don’t give consent.  You arrive at consent, together.” - Betty Martin, Wheel of Consent.

Rupert and Shanti welcome you to join us for our second Wheel of Consent Temple.  We will be taking the  next steps into the Wheel of Consent for those who attended our previous Temple in the Autumn, and this will also work as a standalone workshop for anyone who wasn’t there. (We will link to some recommended reading beforehand for any participants who are unfamiliar with the Wheel).

The Wheel of Consent is a powerful embodied consent practice which goes beyond other models of consent by clarifying four different kinds of consensual interaction.  Each of them feels different in our body, and noticing this difference inside us is the core practice of the Wheel.  This helps us remain in choice and integrity, maximising our own and each other’s pleasure throughout any kind of interaction.  The four dynamics apply to all areas of life, so the Wheel of Consent makes an ideal grounding for building a culture of consent within all our communities, and particularly our sex-positive ones.

In the afternoon, we will invite you to use the embodied noticing of the Wheel to practice making and responding to clear, authentic requests.  Culturally, we often disguise our requests as offers.  For example, I might really want to touch someone, but instead of owning that desire and stating it, I ask them if they would like a massage, as a roundabout way of getting the touch I want.   This can lead to interactions which feel a bit ‘off’, despite having apparently been consented to.

By clarifying two questions: “Who is Doing?” and “Who is it For?”, the Wheel of Consent helps us avoid these murky, semi-consensual interactions - which often happen in everyday life as well as in sex-positive spaces.  Note that everything in this workshop is a choice, and you can step out of any exercise at any time.

In the evening we will enter the Temple part of our time together, as we hold a consensual, co-created space for connection and play.  Throughout, you will be supported to use the Wheel of Consent as a foundation and gateway into solo and/or shared physical touch, to whatever degree of simplicity, sensuality or sexuality you feel drawn.

This Temple is open to everyone. It is an excellent intro for beginners and re-fresh and reminder for those who are more experienced in Temple spaces of Sacred S*xuality.

Date : Saturday 13th April
Time : 2pm to 10.30pm
Venue : Wild Goose Space, The Yard, St Werburghs, Bristol, Bs2 9YP
Cost : Price £80, Low income - £65, Abundant supporters £90

Things to bring: 
An offering/flower for the shrine
A yoga/camping/roll matt if you have one
One or two pillows
A couple of sarongs or a bedsheet to lay on and make yourself comfortable - especially if using oils etc
Something tasty and delicious to share (or not) before the evening temple.
We will provide herbal teas and a fruit platter.

Further information:

This Temple is open to everyone and a certain level of awareness, openness and willingness to explore is essential for your own self-care and also the synergy of the group.  

We invite you to come, just as you are and feel. We know that being in these environments can bring up a lot of emotions. This is a safe space to welcome them and work with them in an embodied, held and ritual temple space.  

FOR COUPLES: Please make your agreements together before you arrive. It is totally fine if you wish to stay purely with each other during the Temple.

We have a no refund policy for the Temple. However, you are welcome to sell your ticket on to a friend. If you do so, please do let us know and send us their email so we can give the info about the temple.

Any questions please contact Shanti on 07875 151582

Welcoming you with an open hearts, 
Shanti & Rupert

About us

Rupert (he/him) has trained in depth with many internationally renowned teachers of  intimacy, relationship, sexuality and consent.  He has been holding space for groups since 1992 and has facilitated consent workshops for over a decade.  Rupert is based in Oxford, UK, and is an accredited Wheel of Consent facilitator with Betty Martin's  School of Consent.  He also teaches consent classes for university students.

Shanti has been practising Tantra for 25 years.
She is Mama, Healer, Mover, Somatic Educator, Artist and a Creative.
She is intuitive, playful, a tribal gatherer and a little bit witchy.

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