Unearthing Soul - How the living world reveals our deepest selves

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An introductory evening to nature based rites of passage work. Learn how the mirror of nature can support you to uncover your unique soul expression and contribution.  


Why this work? 

Are you yearning for deeper connection, full presence, more aliveness? 

How can we be the whole human beings we are meant to be, in deep reciprocal relationship with the living world around us?

For centuries, across many different cultures, humans have spent time alone in nature.

To remember who we are.

To recall the beauty and wonder of being alive. 

To unearth soul.

To mark transitions.

To step into new roles.

To feel fully alive.

For whatever intention may want to be lived, this practice holds many gifts for humanity and nature alike.

It is a radical practice of reclamation and resistance - in a world full of business and burnout, full of pathology, full of extractivism, we focus on slowing down to reclaim the wholeness that is our true nature. From there, we move. 

We host an introduction to the work of unearthing soul, of both receiving and offering the unique gifts that live through us, explored through solo time in nature. The event will give you an insight into nature based ceremony and rites of passage, as well as a taste of our  4 -week offering:  “Deep Dive into Nature and Self”. 

What is the truth at the centre of the image you were born with?”

What to expect? 

In this session we will guide towards:

  • Slowing down, becoming present with yourself, your truth and your deepest longings
  • A reflective practice to unpeel our layers of self identity
  • Tasting the philosophies of soul-centric development and deep ecology as well as their real life applications
  • Learning about rites of passage work and the Four Shields of Human Nature Model and their relevance for these times
  • Creating a personal ritual to experience yourself as part of the wider web of life


This is for you if you: 


  • Are experiencing a moment of transition in your life and need more clarity and new directionality on your life path
  • Are curious about nature based rite of passage work
  • Feel that humanity is currently challenged and needs to grow up and take collective responsibility for our shared home 
  • Are yearning for deeper connection, full presence, more aliveness 
  • Feel called to deepen your connection to nature and learn how to work with nature as a mirror and guide
  • Want to become more clear about your unique soul expression and contribution 


“The Way It Is

There’s a thread you follow. It goes among

things that change. But it doesn’t change.

People wonder about what you are pursuing.

You have to explain about the thread.

But it is hard for others to see.

While you hold it you can’t get lost.

Tragedies happen; people get hurt

or die; and you suffer and get old.

Nothing you do can stop time’s unfolding.

You don’t ever let go of the thread.

~ William Stafford ~”


Feedback from previous events:

“This work is for the weary of heart and those hungry for restoration, renewal and deeper connection to the earth, body, heart and soul of life. This is a beautifully held and guided journey down and deep into the places where true & sustainable nourishment can be remembered, recognised and brought back to the surface of life where it belongs and where it is needed. “ ~Sinead


“Ohhhh still in awe with this process, with the shared stories, the witnessing, the magic, spirit and the depth. Caro, Sophie and Jenny guided us so gently, I loved the practices and the frameworks, especially deep and spiritual ecology. Gratitude to everyone including the more than humans I crossed paths in the last few weeks. “ ~Marta 


“A beautiful experience transcending the limitation of time and space to connect us with the land, each other and ourselves. The material, processes, warmth , depth, vision and support it provided were truly inspirational.” ~Artemis

“Try it, you will be a better person afterwards!” ~Carlos


Facilitator Bio 


Carolin Goethel

Carolin is a Berlin based community weaver and facilitator. Drawing on her anthropological studies, her work in leadership education and her passion for deep ecology, she’s developed a varied toolbox to build cultures of interbeing.

The profound experience of her own vision quest led her to study eco-soul centric practices and guiding Nature Solo experiences with the Wild Minds Collective.

Working at the intersection of inner and outer systems change, she currently leads The Week in Germany to spark meaningful conversations about the environmental crisis. 


Jenny O’Hare

Jenny is a deep ecologist and facilitator, recently returned to Ireland following the call of her homeland. Her work focuses on the relationship between humanity and the rest of the living world, and is deeply inspired by her own sense of belonging to living systems. 

Drawing on her background in Natural Sciences and Ecology, and inspired by the ways that life informs life, her work draws on Eco-psychology, Spiritual Ecology and extensive training in Eco-therapy and Solo nature experiences. 

Listening to the living world is her most powerful guide!


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