Ecological Trauma Tending - Confronting Ecological Grief and Trauma, Embracing Reciprocity and Co-Regulating with the Natural World

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Our ecological crises require cosmological solutions. — Juniper Stokes

Like any trauma — and like so much of our modern lives in general — ecological trauma often leaves us depleted and exhausted. Our work is to alchemize this pain and grief into usable energy. 

In this workshop, we’ll take a shamanic approach to recovering from ecological trauma. This approach is rooted in two fundamental principles:

First, as much as we might resist connecting with what we perceive to be the pain of the Earth, deepening our connection with the natural world is our path to healing.

Second, as much as we might perceive humanity as bearing the burden for the fate of the world, we are not alone in our efforts.

When we embrace a cosmological shift to animist perspectives, we recognize that the Earth and all her inhabitants are inspirited — and as such, they have agency to affect the fate of the planet, just as humans do. Listening to and partnering with these nature beings is essential if we hope to enact any change within ourselves and our world.

In this workshop, we’ll engage in practices to deepen our relationship with the Earth as an ally for healing and change. Join us to explore:

🍃 Ecological trauma — it is far more layered, complex, and pervasive than most of us realize

🍃 Co-regulation with the natural world — how we can tend the feelings of guilt, shame, frustration, and anger that arise in response to environmental harm

🍃 The sacred art of reciprocity — why receiving and giving blessings in partnership with nature heals us all

🍃 How the earth perceives you — and what she most wants you to know about your unique path of service moving forward

🍃 Cultivating hope — a guided practice for attuning to the unconditional life force and love of our cosmic earth as we dream a new world into being

As we partner with our bodies, with Earth, and with spirit, we can begin to co-create a wildly wonderful world.

"Juniper is a soul with a genuine connection to the earth. Her workshop gave me a chance to contemplate my own relationship with mother earth and what gifts I can offer her, as well." — Teressa B. 

"After taking a class with Juniper I feel empowered and supported. She is insightful, intuitive, and wise with her information, answers, and suggestions." — Renee B. 

“Juniper is a gifted healer, teacher, and guide who skillfully weaves together an ethereal fabric of sight, wisdom, creativity, and compassion then wraps it around her clients with care and grace.” — Heather P. 

“I found the way you normalized the darker aspects of this work refreshing. It’s time to bring that shadow to the light!” — Sherri G. 


Juniper Stokes

Juniper Stokes, MA, is a botanical alchemist, artist, wisdom keeper, and spiritual coach. A lifelong guardian of the natural world, she has been facilitating spiritual transformation in heart-centered humans for over two decades. Juniper coined the term mythoanimistic to describe her unique approach, which integrates animism, earth medicine, shamanic spirituality, shadow work, archetypal and symbolic languages, and both Eastern wisdom and Western magick. A lifelong student of consciousness and spirituality, Juniper has trained with diverse spiritual guides and mentors worldwide, including a two-year teacher training in shamanism with Sandra Ingerman; extensive training in yoga, pranayama, and meditation; and ongoing studies in alchemy, astrology, and Hermetic magick. As a botanical alchemist, Juniper has completed a 610-hour clinical aromatherapy certification and two-year herbalism training, and she continues to enjoy formal mentorship with the preeminent natural perfumer’s today. In all her work, Juniper shares an integrative pathway for awakening to your true essence through spiritual rewilding, offering workshops, private coaching, and alchemical products at Alchemessence.

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