BRISTOL - A Breathwork Journey: Navigating States with Jez Grattan-Kane

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What if the breath is a technology you can explore? Breathwork –  Inhale the heart speeds up. Exhale the heart slows down... There are many ways to tune the body-mind with the technology of the breath. 

This workshop will consist of an opening circle for us to co-create a safe space for our experiences. We will then explore an introduction to the breath as technology, which can support you to sense, navigate and clultivate your states of experience. 

There will be some pair work exploring some questions to stimulate your curiosity. You will be resourced to regulate and calm your body-mind with your breath, supporting your awareness and regulation of the nervous system. We will then take a rhythmic journey with Conscious Connected Breathing, exploring breath-holds and pendulating into plateaus of calm on our climb. Then descend down into a state of rest and the beginning of integration.

If you have attended before you are more than welcome again. Each group will constellate in a unique way and each journey with Conscious Connected Breathing is unique to the individual at that time.

Your Journey

Breath-holds: We will explore what happens when we suspend the breath, intentionally and with curiosity. Inviting comfort into the breathless space, developing our resilience to stress, increasing CO2 tolerance (a good thing!), and being curious about the relation between the flow and volume of our thoughts with the breath. 

Conscious Connected Breathing: We will then guide you through a process of Conscious Connected Breathing, a simple yet profound rhythmic breathing practice. One of braiding willpower and kindness into the inhale, then inviting acceptance and letting go through the exhale, this is done whilst laying down with Jez and other Breathwork facilitators holding the space. As well as increasing your physical capacity for the breath, this can induce a full spectrum of experiences, from ecstatic states to physical and emotional release, to states of deep rest, calm, and everything in-between. You will be supported in both the intention of and the listening within your journey. 

Integration: After the journey ends, we will have time to rest, begin integrating, and have an opportunity to share our experiences. There will be some unstructured space after the event ends to connect over tea, fruit and chocolate.

Our aim is to facilitate an experience of your own power with the breath, whilst in a co-created safe space. Introducing the breath as technology for you to integrate into your life, available for you to support navigating your states.

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If you have any questions about the workshop, or any other medical, or psychological issues which may interact with your participation please make contact.

About Your Facillitator: Jez Grattan-Kane


Jez Grattan-Kane is a Yogi and Breathwork Coach, with a love of ecology and curiosity to the embodied and relational nature of human experience. On committing to a daily meditation practice in 2012 he has journeyed deep into paths within Yoga. In 2015 he spent over a year living in India and Nepal, exploring depth Meditation practices, Asana and Pranayama. 

Since his return to the UK, he has been teaching Yoga, completing 600hr of training, he has also trained as Breathwork Coach. Alongside studies in Integrative Transpersonal Psychology. As a facilitator Jez holds space for the curiosity of the interplay between your mind, body, and breath, inviting care, as you raise your awareness of the living ecology of you. This work is supported by introducing the breath as technology, available for you to tune in to, increasing your response-ability and supporting your choice-fullness in life

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