Summer Solstice Dance - Roundhouse

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Hosted by Movement Medicine - Mira Khanya
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A warm invitation to join an intimate gathering to honour the potent energy of the Summer Solstice through the transformative power of dance.

When we consciously tune into the cycles of nature, our understanding of our own cycles begin to deepen. We reflect on our personal growth and invite the light of the summer sun to illuminate the way. 

Dancing freely we open the body, heart and mind to insight and inspiration. We gather resources to strengthen us so we may embody our gifts as a healing force in the world. Deepening into a greater sense of compassionate presence with ourselves, each other, and the wider web of life, we honour the interconnectedness of all beings and extend our love to all our relations.


Meet Your Facilitator - Mira Khanya:

Mira crafts immersive dance journeys that weave together global sounds, inviting collective prayer and reverence for life through the transformative power of movement. She intuitively guides these experiences, celebrating various genres including tribal rhythms, ethno-electronica, and medicine songs. Drawing from a rich tapestry of practices in visual and performing arts, Movement Medicine®, meditation, and ceremonial traditions, Mira collaborates with Medicine Festival and various Ecstatic Dance organisations while also creating independent dance ceremonies. 


Event Details: 

• Date: Monday, June 24, 2024

• Time:

• Doors Open: 18:45 pm

• Dance: 19:00 pm - 21:00 pm


The Roundhouse near Hemel Hempstead is a beautiful sacred space - handmade and community made from straw bale and green oak. Its walls are rendered internally with clay and externally with lime render. The dance floor is a clay, sand and straw earthen floor, heated by water underfloor heating, powered by solar panels and air sourced heat pump. **Address provided in booking confirmation email. The Roundhouse is 5min drive from Hemel Hempstead train station.


Booking Information:

Booking early is recommended as tickets tend to go quickly.

• Supporter Fee: Consider making a donation if you're a high earner to subsidise reduced places.

• Concessions: Limited availability, request via email:

• Confirmation Email: Important information will be sent upon booking - please read and take action accordingly.



Upon booking, you will be prompted to read and accept our guidelines, ensuring a safe and supportive experience for all participants. By purchasing a ticket, you accept these guidelines and accept full responsibility for your participation. These guidelines include important considerations. It is essential to be aware of and adhere to these guidelines to prioritise the wellbeing of both yourself and fellow participants. Your commitment to these guidelines creates and environment that supports everyone in receiving the full benefits of the dance.


Refund and Ticket Transfer Policy:

We do not offer refunds or exchanges, but you are welcome to arrange a ticket transfer. Email us with the new attendee's name and email address for the necessary changes.


Paying It Forward:

A portion of the profit contributes to charitable projects locally and worldwide, supporting various causes, including environmental conservation, humanitarian aid, education, and healthcare. Thank you for helping us make a positive impact globally. We are grateful for your support.



We are dedicated to cultivating a safe space where community-minded, warm, welcoming and supportive connections can flourish. We welcome adults of all levels of experience with this practice, spanning various ages, all sexual orientations, gender identities, ethnicities, diverse abilities and backgrounds. We value the richness that arises from the unique contributions each individual brings to our collective tapestry of shared experiences. While we aim for inclusivity, we encourage anyone with specific accessibility concerns to get in touch. Please feel free to email with any inquiries, and we will do our best to ensure a supportive and inclusive experience for all.



Music is an integral part of our journey - an honouring and celebration of soul stirring sounds from around the globe. Mira enjoys weaving tribal rhythms, ethno-electronica, medicine songs, sacred sounds and various other genres into an evocative set. An immersive experience that resonates with the spirit of the ceremony. 


Participant Testimonials:

“Yet another beautiful ceremony. Mira holds a fiercely loving space where you feel both held and supported but also encouraged to take responsibility for yourself... I danced deeply with my joy and with my grief and with an utter reverence for the magic of this gift of life.” - Rosanna

“The Spring Equinox Ceremony was an immersive, contained co-created and full sensory movement based ceremonial journey. Mira sensitively and intuitively wove the threads of the Movement Medicine practice. I highly recommend her work, it is safe, permissive, and nourishing at the deepest level.” - Dance Movement Psychotherapist, UKCP, ADMP

“I can't put into words how much I loved this. Mira and her team weave magic, creating an amazing heart-opening, connecting, illuminating, fun, and nourishing experience.” - Matt

“This was the most incredible experience of personal and collective prayer through movement and dance.” - Yaeli

“An incredibly beautiful and masterfully held ceremony.” - Anonymous

“Beautiful, transformative - expertly and sensitively held by Mira. A safe, expansive, empowering, and healing space. SO grateful.” - Lydia

“Mira's solstice dance was the most fabulous conscious dance I've ever been to. Healing, nurturing, expansive, and exhilarating. Just awesome. Thank you.” - John

“I loved every mesmerising second... tears, laughter, joy, and total respect... keep spreading your art!” - Katie


Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns - email

We sincerely hope you feel the call to join us and look forward to the joy of dancing, connecting and co-creating with you!


Warmest wishes,



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