The Way Of The Hunt

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The first 2 days will be making your bow and bow string , the Bow will be made from seasoned ash.

 We welcome you to drop into one of the most ancient and powerful arts and crafts of Paleolithic history, it is the reason we are all alive right now ! The bow is an extension of our arm , a talisman you could say , that envelops us with its energy and allows us to actually hunt our food . Even if you are a vegetarian or vegan , these bushcraft skills are not just for us , its time for us too think of the collective,  the bow can also save someone elses life, maybe a dear friend if need be , plus being trained in these incredible wood working skills we learn along the way are like gold dust,  the best life insurance you can get !
 I will give a full axe and draw knife safety lecture, and explain the proper use of these tools. Then you will start to work on your own piece of seasoned hazel , I will take you through all the processes of layering out the bow with a pen, finding the centre line of the wood, after comes  shaping the profile, then floor tillering  and then final tillering . Final tillering is a process of creating a perfectly bending piece of wood , each limb must be properly tillered so they are bending evenly together. 
 Under full guidance ,you will slowly wittle away your own bow with a axe , draw knife and knives . We will endeavour to give you a solid foundation of bow making from start to finish so you can go home and make more!

The next few days will be spent learning and mastering stalking, tracking, sign tracking, awareness training, bird language, routines of invisibility, stealth movement and camouflage, traps, baiting, mock hunting expeditions into the forest at sunset and sunrise. Jedi / ninja games will be played to enhance your awareness skills and night time games will be played to get used to the dark and moving through the forest at night .

We will feast on freshly picked wild food , wild meat and berries and learn about primitive cooking techniques.
Storytelling and a sweat lodge will be made one evening before our sunrise hunt.

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