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We warmly welcome you to an evening of embodied practice, nourishing intimacy with the body and community as we delve into the magic set to unfold in Womb Mystery School starting 2nd Feb 2023.


Join Bryony for this free workshop, an opportunity to dip your toes into the inky waters of the feminine, whilst exploring soul & body nourishing practices such as Shamanic Womb Work, Flower Healing and Elemental Embodiment.

This workshop offers insight into the upcoming Womb Mystery School, a 3 Month Shamanic Initiation starting 2nd February 2023.

In this experiential session, you will discover methods for direct revelation, a fundamental principle in shamanic practice, whilst awakening your capacity to listen and receive the pulse of aliveness: remembering relationships of reciprocity with natural lore.

It is open to all women and womb folk who are curious & looking to experience deeper connection and pleasure in their life.

There will be a Q&A at the end for any questions or comments.

This event will be recorded and made available to anyone who signs up - but if you join live you will gain access to a special offer from Bryony!


"Deep, clear, internally connective, magical. Bryony is like a powerful conductor of feminine energy and wisdom and a knowledgeable teacher of deep and almost forgotten feminine arts." - Katrin  


Taster practices we will explore

  • The Shamanic Descent: Drop In Practice
  • Receiving your Earth Song
  • Flower Codes for Self Healing
  • Elemental Embodiment for Transformation
  • Shamanic Womb Work
  • Pathways to Self-Love: The Rose

This workshop may be of benefit if you are

  • Seeking to experience and allow more pleasure into your life
  • You have been searching for a deeper form of Womb Work that speaks to your wild feminine nature
  • You are desiring for community and a space amongst Women which is inclusive and liberating
  • Are looking for meaningful ways to unlock your sexuality and ignite your power
  • Are curious about Womb Mystery School and keen to get an insight into the work
  • You're familiar with Shamanic and embodiment practices but are looking for something more raw and primal


7:00-7:15: Introduction to Womb Mystery School and Flower Healing

7:15-9:15: Shamanic & Embodiment Practice Exploration

9:15-9:30: Q&A & Sharing


About your facilitators


Bryoni Bee


"Deep, clear, internally connective, magical. Bryony is like a powerful conductor of feminine energy and wisdom and a knowledgeable teacher of deep and almost forgotten feminine arts."


Bryony is a shamanic practitioner and facilitator, skilled in bridging worlds and turning the mundane to magic. Passionate about the revival of ancient Womb wisdom, she approaches her work with a sense of playfulness and curiosity - committed to the path of learning and discovery through creativity and inner inquiry.

Through her offerings she weaves practices for empowerment, alchemical embodiment, movement and meditation, drawing upon a process she has crafted called ‘Womb Alchemy' - a unique fusion of shamanic Womb practices and intuitive techniques, designed to bring clients and students a restored sense of balance and embodied presence. 

Bryony's intentions for her service is to support others in discovering tools for self-healing, softening into be-ing, allowing them to lead more empowered and enriched lives with feet firmly planted in the Earth whilst exploring their inner sensual and stellar selves. 

She has extensive training in yoga and shamanic practice, which allows her to navigate the architecture of holding sacred space - through ceremony, classes, workshops, retreats and one to one sessions. She offers alternative and nourishing methods for students and clients alike to discover their own medicine through movement, magic, myth and mystery school teachings.

Find Bryony on Instagram @bryoni.bee


“Yet again Bryony has succeeded in putting together three hours of mind, body and soul nourishing material which brings together a group of sisters who have never met and yet, share such a special connection, throughout the experience. By channelling the magical energy of the serpent, I managed to shed aspects of grief and trauma through a somatic movement practice and embodied visions of what I wanted to manifest. Bryony is a humble and skilled facilitator who weaves together ancient knowledge with bespoke practices to create a truly unique and unforgettable workshop that will have lasting effects in your day to day life. I can't recommend her work enough x x x Jess x x x” - Jess

I try to keep up a regular practice, but there is something truly magical in the space created and held by Bryony, especially in the group sessions. This session was an important moment in my journey, the stars literally were aligned. I was able to access depths of my inner self and womb like never before; it felt infinite and no doubt the 121 sessions I have been doing with Bryony helped me journey deep fearlessly. As a result I feel more connect to the world and the positive vibrations all around me, I am better able to escape the chatter of my mind, and be more womb led and in my physical body. I am able to enjoy the delicious feelings of just being here in this moment, and channel the aliveness in my body. I am so grateful for the shared space and energy with all the other sisters. I highly recommend Bryony's beautiful work and encourage regular participation to really experience progress in one's journey.” - Meher

Such a gorgeous experience, witnessing and being witnessed is so powerful, since the session I've been celebrating a deeper connection with my womb and the life force, which we awakened together. I highly recommend Bryony as her wisdom, which she shares serves profound healing and supports awakening joy and creativity. The aftercare is also thoughtful and beautiful, the mediation and other resources shared supports me to go even deeper with this practice.” - Annamaria

Practical Info

To join this event you’ll need to create a free zoom account which you can set up here: https://zoom.us/ Instructions on how to join the call will be sent the week before the first session

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For enquiries please email Bryony at: bryony.darbon@gmail.com

Website: bryoniamelissae.com 

Facebook Page: The Womb Alchemist

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