The Work That Reconnects, Bath, Monday 24th April 2023

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Hosted by Psychology for Ecology
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Workshop description

An experiential participatory workshop for anyone concerned about the state of the world, including the ecological crisis, climate breakdown, social and political unraveling and injustice. The methodology was developed by eco-philosopher Joanna Macy to help people move from helplessness, despair or numbness, into resourcefulness, empowerment and commitment to action. 

The workshops offer facilitated practices to enable deep connection with others about these issues, and to allow us to harnesses our emotions as a motivating force. Each workshop is different, and includes practices of deep ecology (experiencing ourselves as nature), sharing grief, fears and other emotions, deepening our sense of time, and nature connection. I am also weaving in bioregional ideas of belonging and connecting to place. Philosophical perspectives are also introduced for living with uncertainty and the complexity of the world's predicament. We create space to reflect on how we each want to contribute to a better world.

The workshops are facilitated by Rosie Jones, a psychologist and facilitator trained in The Work That Reconnects. 


This workshop will be held at 175 Bradford Road, in Combe Down, Bath, and, depending on the weather, outside in beautiful secluded gardens belonging to a neighbour, weather permitting.


There are limited spaces in the workshop so please do not book unless you are making firm commitment to yourself to come. Please contact Rosie as soon as possible if you book a place but find you are unable to attend.

Gift Economy

I take some time here to talk about money as it is a fundamental and complex issue, intertwinned with the difficulties our society faces.

My workshops are offered in the Gift Economy, which is a way to encourage deeper connection through gratitude and give-and-take. By giving and receiving according to level of privilege or need, there can also be a small opportunity to rebalance some of the inequality in our society.

Many people choose to express gratitude and appreciation through donation, however please only give with a ‘full yes’ from your heart, as I wish to avoid any transactional sense with donations. 

Some people would not be able to access courses like this if there is any financial expectation, and I would encourage you to feel extremely welcome to attend  and to ask for financial help if needed for example for travel costs.

To enable you to assess my financial privilege relative to yours, I will try to be transparent about my financial situation: I receive support from my family and tax credits totalling around £20,000 a year. I own my house, which is quite large, outright, so have no mortgage to pay. I am raising and supporting 2 children as an almost full-time single parent. I have been earning as a part-time clinical psychologist but would like to offer my time instead to ecological and community resilience work, Earth regeneration, and activism. Donations would allow me to do this more fully.

Ideally donating can come from our own personal heart-based enquiry. However, some people understandably ask for a donation guidance amount and so here is one suggested calculation:

  • Discount the first £10k of your income for basic needs.
  • Consider donating around £1 per £1000 of annual income above £10k e.g. someone with an annual income of £25k might give £15.
  • Scale this up or down depending on factors such as children or other dependents you support, whether you share your costs with a partner, assets such as owning your home, or if you will receive an inheritance.

You can make a donation at booking or there will be a donation bowl at the event. I declare all donations for income tax purposes. If  I receive more donations than I need, I will donate to bioregional regenerative projects.

If you have any questions do get in touch with me on for any further information or call or text 07913617822.

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I offer this work in the gift economy, donations help me offer more of this work

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