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Join me for a day in nature focused on play, sensuality, authentic connection, nourishing touch and meeting our edges with grace, love and humor, through the lens of  conscious touch practices based on the Wheel of Consent.

We'll get a whole day to be together, taking a break midway through for a shared meal.

Yes, that's right, our events include touch! Why?
*Touch is a powerful means of communication, an instinctive, natural language that we can all speak and understand
*Stimulates our nervous system
*Promotes healthy physical development
*Is essential for our mental and social development
*Releases the ‘feel good’ hormone, oxytocin, to bring you to a place of peace, empowerment, growth and connection
*Physical contact, even if just for 20 seconds, can lift your mood for the whole day
*It feels good!

What will we do at this event?
The gatherings consist of different games and practices to give us a chance to notice what is happening in our bodies, communicate it, and connect with others from a place of authenticity. The practices are designed to help us feel our boundaries, what yes and no feel like in our bodies, to awaken our ability to feel and take in pleasure, and to be vulnerable and share with another what is true for us and experience the intimacy that comes from radical honesty. This includes solo practices, as well as partnered and group practices to ask for the touch you want. This can include anything from a hug, to a foot massage, to a cuddle, to gentle hair stroking, whatever it is your body is wanting, as long as all the people involved are a yes to it. We will also have time for sharing and discussion as a group.

Why come to these events?
To explore and expand your relationship with your desires! What do you want in life and what stops you from asking for it? The exploration is around touch, but the rewards benefit all areas of our lives. Maybe you will find the courage to finally ask for that raise, or speak up next time you are choosing which restaurant to go to with your partner, or say no to that thing in your life that you’ve felt obligated to do, but know it’s not in your best interest. It’s also worth coming for the connections, for the chance to be in the fullness of your humanity with other people, where all parts of you are welcome.

What if I don’t want to be touched?
Great - we celebrate that you found your no! All you have to do is communicate it. There is no obligation to be touched or touch anyone at this event. All activities are presented as invitations, all touch is optional, and you are always at choice in how you want to participate. We help you in listening to your body and trust you as the expert in your own experience.

Who is this event for?
You might find this event helpful if:
*You who want to learn better boundaries
*You want deeper connections with other humans
*You want to find your yes to what excites you in life and go for it
*You want more pleasure in life
*You want to be touched more
*You want to practice self-acceptance
*You want more confidence and to know your desires matter

All humans over 18 are welcome. We welcome singles, couples, people of all relationship configurations, gender identities, sexual orientations, and expressions.

Location: Buzzard's Nest, a beautiful studio space situated in a lush garden amidst the rolling hills in Builth Road, just outside Llandrindod Wells.

Who is facilitating this event?
Emily Martin

Emily comes alive when she is facilitating this work. She has studied with Betty Martin and the School of Consent, assisted with ISTA (International School of Temple Arts), has been initiated with WildGrace, is a certified trauma-informed yoga teacher, and has many more experiences of different modalities all with the intention of learning to be more fully here in this body. She offers this work from her deep desire to invite others to be more fully here in their bodies and travels the world promoting touch, pleasure and embodiment.

My aim is to create an experience that leaves you feeling relaxed, empowered, and open-hearted, and to create more loving touch in our local community.

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All Day Deep Dive: 14 July
Registration for 1 person £30
All Day Deep Dive: 14 July
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