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Two sound-full days to learn, explore, and to experience sound healing. You will be working mainly with old Himalayan singing bowls; but also with gongs and some other instruments to expand your creativity.

The course is suitable for all, absolute novices to the sound world and to those who already have some experience in sound healing but wishing to enrich their practice.

Kat Bumbul of Sound Mysterium, has over 12 years experience in sound healing and will share her knowledge, skills and approach to the instruments and the subject of healing. She owns a collection of over 100 antique bowls and considers them to be one of the most powerful tools for the personal growth and inner spiritual work. During the workshop we will focus on:

1) Playing techniques and practicalities
2) Specifics of old ritual instruments, authentic traditions and secret practices
3) Exercises for intuitive inner vision
4) Contemporary improvised approach to sound healing
5) Singing bowls massage practice in details
6) Giving a sound bath/gong bath

You will be encouraged to do your own research and to learn from other healers and musicians, and of course to experiment and practice a lot afterwards. This workshop is a nice alternative to expensive sound healing courses and an opportunity to learn directly from Kat.


TIMES: 9.30am to 5pm, Sat & Sun the 24th & 25th of July
There will be 1,5hr lunch break around 1pm (you can bring your own food or go to local cafes)


Kat began her musical journey with a classical music education, but it was in spring 2008 during her first psychedelic experience when she received a strong calling to work with sound. She went to several sound healing workshops to learn the basics, but her approach deepened simply from long practice, experiments and intuitive guidance. A big step forward in her sound healer's journey was meeting the famous Frank Perry, and later receiving powerful initiations by a few great masters into three old authentic traditions: Kashmiri Shaiva Tantra, Siberian Shamanism and Spiritual Taoism.

You probably know Kat from her popular Psychedelic Gong Baths at The Round Chapel and maybe from her other sound healing sessions in other locations. Kat's another big passions are tea ceremonies inspired by Tao and Zen, walking labyrinths, and shamanic rituals & healing. Every Summer Kat is quite a lot away - in the woods and her wild garden in Lithuania, enjoying being and practicing in nature while building a small secluded retreat there. Kat invites you to establish your own personal approach to sound work and then to enjoy this ongoing adventure at your home with your family, partners, pets and friends, neighbors, at work with your colleagues, clients, in your projects and collaborations, in the moors, in the woods, and by the water... More about Kat and her sound work:





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