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Have you ever had a strong experience of a profound spiritual nature in which you felt in contact, communion or union with something that you consider to be an ultimate reality, cosmic consciousness, or the divine? Have you ever felt that your ego suddenly transcended beyond an ordinary and finite personal identity, limited by the constraints of time and space, to encompass a boundless sense of self, interconnected, or at One, with the universe?

Whether your experience was blissful or challenging; life-changing or curiosity-inducing; whether you were misunderstood/shamed or embraced; whether you were able to find support or are still searching for validation; whether you were medicalised, were able to ground through other means, or never felt the need to be; whether you are still navigating/trying to make sense of the experience, or have managed to successfully integrate it into your everyday life; whether you are in the midst of your experience or whether it happened to you many years ago; and whether you've told your story before, or not - you are welcome to come and share your experience with a sympathetic and understanding community of likeminded experiencers.

The aim of this Spiritual Awakening Sharing Circle is to offer a safe, neutral and judgement-free zone, where individuals who have or are currently undergoing varying forms of self-realisation - whether that be gradual or sudden, induced or spontaneous forms of spiritual emergence/emergency, or other related spiritually transformative experiences - are able to freely express themselves in a loving, understanding and accepting environment, whilst offering support and space-holding to others. 

  • Note: This is not a therapy session, but a peer-support group meant for integration and community-building. In other words, it is intended as a safe space for free expression around topics typically tabooed in today's Western society. Medical advice will not be offered. We strongly encourage each individual to participate in this co-creative space, though sharing is not obligatory. 
  • We kindly ask that you please respect the subjective interpretation of each individual's experience by refraining from offering unsolicited cultural interpretations/projections of personal belief systems onto other peoples' experience. 
  • What to expect: We will open the circle with a brief introduction and meditation, there will be sharing and listening, and I will lead a grounding meditation at the end of the session.

*This is a monthly event*

Please arrive at least 5 minutes before the start time. 

For any questions, please contact the facilitator, Jessica Corneille at jessicacorneille@gmail.com


Your facilitators: 

Jessica Corneille, MSc


Following her own sudden non-dual experience one morning in February 2016, Jessica Corneille decided to change the course of her life by quitting her career in the arts/cultural heritage preservation (and as an aspiring art curator), to play her part, instead, in helping to de-stigmatise, de-pathologise and raise awareness around spiritual awakening, enlightenment, and non-dual experiences within mainstream psychology. 

She graduated with Distinction from a Masters Degree in Psychology from the University of Greenwich, where she focused her studies on the psychology of exceptional human experiences (transpersonal, anomalistic and parapsychology), under the guidance of Dr David Luke. She is now a fully-qualified research psychologist specialising predominantly in spiritual awakenings of a spontaneous nature, as well as other non-ordinary states of consciousness. Jessica has presented her work at a number of academic conferences, including with the British Psychological Society. She also works for the Scientific and Medical Network, is a member of the Galileo Commission steering committee, a collaborator of the Emergent Phenomenology Research Consortium and Spiritual Crisis Network, a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher running regular classes in London, and has recently started running sharing circles with the Psychedelic Society and Spiritual Awakenings International.

Her greatest missions in life are to challenge the default pathologisation of awakening experiences by helping to inform and encourage mainstream psychology to look beyond the current designated spectrum of ‘normality’, to encompass the transpersonal as something that is intrinsic to the human experience, and in helping individuals come to the realisation of their highest human potential. 


Danny Saunders


At several moments in life - some difficult, and some quite ordinary - Danny noticed he had disappeared. In these moments there was a timeless ocean of benevolent being. Danny thought it might be madness. But preferring it to his ordinary state of mind, decided not to mention it to his G.P. He set about trialling various methods to return to this “other realm” and to stay, once he got there. He succeeded after realising that “grace” is available on demand.

Danny taught meditation, well-being and communication skills workshops for the NHS. He was Quality Assurance Lead for recovery projects in two NHS Trusts. Danny managed Mind in Camden’s well-being service. It places Peer Support at the centre of its ethos. Danny now facilitates workshops on how to create success on your own terms (by asking one simple question). He is also creating an interactive concept album / treasure hunt, revealing the true location of the Holy Grail. 


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