✨ Summer Solstice Breathwork Workshop ✨

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Hosted by Manchester Psychedelic Community
Enquiries to mcrpsychedelic@gmail.com
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Join us for ✨ Summer Solstice Breathwork Workshop ✨ on Friday 21st June 2024 - hosted by Briony, Laura + Becky

Breathwork offers a powerful journey inward, releasing pent-up emotions and inviting profound insights. Through intentional breathing, we unlock the path to emotional release and clarity.

Join us in this transformative session to celebrate the Summer Solstice together, in community! 

Here's the key info:

🎁 Date: Friday 21st June 2024

⏰ Time: 7:00 PM - 9:30 PM 

🏡  Location: 2/77th Scout’s Hut Whalley Range, Egerton Road, Manchester, M21 0YP

What you will experience:

🧘 Grounding Meditation to centre your energy

🍵 Refreshing Cold Infusion Tea with local and seasonal foraged herbs

☀️ Self-inquiry work on themes connected to the  Summer Solstice

🕺💃Mindful movement to drop into the body 

🌬️ Conscious Connected Breathwork Session (60 minutes) to rejuvenate your spirit

🙏 Gentle Integration and Final Group Share* to close the evening

Simple refreshments will be provided and a little solstice gift too!

This 2.5-hour workshop includes:

Part 1️⃣  Individual and group inquiry work around the Summer Solstice

Part 2️⃣ A conscious connected breathwork journey to  explore ourselves

How to prepare for the session:

🍽️ Avoid eating 2 hours before

💧 Stay hydrated (avoid excessive drinking just before)

❌ No alcohol 24 hours prior

🧣 Bring a blanket and layered clothing (we strongly recommend you bring your own mat and blanket for an enhanced experience)

📔 Carry a journal or notepad with a pen

We'll start by co-creating a safe space and then flow in the experience. We’ll explore some inquiries and group shares in the first half. To then explore and integrate the first half, you will be supported in a 60-minute softly guided breathwork session followed by optional group shares at the end. Please arrive by 6:50 PM for a prompt 7:00 PM start.

Who is leading the session?

Briony Gunson - Briony is a highly sought-after mindset coach, meditation teacher and breathwork trainer and facilitator. Briony blends mindset coaching with wellbeing tools she’s been teaching and practising since 2014. She loves to empower ambitious people to get clear on what’s important to them in life and business, and how to manifest their goals into reality and heal in mind and body as they grow. Explore her work, join her workshops, courses and retreats: brionygunson.com.

We're supported by breathworkers Rebecca Ryder and Laura Donovan.

Embrace this opportunity to welcome in the new year with a deeper connection to self and cultivating inner peace with self-care. Secure your spot now for an evening of safe-space holding and emotional wellbeing 🌟🌿 

Accessibility & Cost of Living

This venue is fully accessible, and we ask that anyone attending with specific needs email us ahead of the event to ensure the event can be set up to accommodate these needs.

We have tickets available for anyone on a low income, no questions asked in exchange for services within the community. If you'd like one of these please email mcrpsychedelic@gmail.com.


Whilst we'll talk a lot about certain substances, we ask that you don't bring any with you to the meet-ups, nor solicit them from members. It's worth remembering that possession of these substances remains illegal in the UK and we want to make sure everyone who comes along feels safe doing so.

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