The Unmasked Woman Retreat | Girl to Queen | Discovering the Female Archetypes

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Hosted by The Unmasked Man
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If you've attended women's events that were pleasant and supportive but left you feeling like you didn't delve deep or awaken something profound, then this is your chance for genuine transformation.

Our weekends have been likened to a decade of therapy. This isn't just a retreat to go through the motions; it's an opportunity for profound, life changing growth.

Are you a woman that desires to...

  • Show up in in the world with an unguarded heart.
  • Live a life connected to your true sovereignty and purpose.
  • Access and channel your anger into power to create action.
  • Trust your intuition and connect to the answers within you.
  • Be seen and accepted by men exactly as you are.


Does this sound familiar?​

  • ​You have experienced deep wounding from men
  • You struggle with boundaries, pleasing others, and puttings other people’s needs (especially men) before your own
  • You have a hard time trusting men
  • You struggle to connect to your own inner masculine energy
  • You feel disempowered with your life and want to connect with your mission and purpose


If any of this rings true, you are in the right place.

The Unmasked Man has successfully delivered transformational retreats, circles, and day events for men over the past 5 years.

BUT… we have continued to hear women say, "I WANT TO DO THAT WORK!!"

With great pleasure, we have opened the doors of the Unmasked Man to women.


This retreat is uniquely special, as we take the format, structure, and exercises of men’s work and translate them into working with women.
This provides a rare opportunity for women to experience what happens behind closed doors in the realms of men's work.


Day 1 - The Lover Archetype

Day 2 - The Huntress/ Warrior Archetype

Day 3 - The Witch Archetype

Day 4 - The Queen Archetype

Throughout the retreat, we will delve into each of the four feminine archetypes - Queen, Huntress, Witch, and Lover - exploring both their light and shadow aspects and their influence on your life. Understanding what it truly feels like to somatically embody them.


We will create a deeply nourishing and sacred space where you can authentically express yourself, unlocking the profound transformational potential of giving voice to your feelings. This process provides a unique opportunity for you to be heard, fostering connection and understanding among all participants.

Engaging in somatic work is a vital aspect of our retreat. We will guide you through gentle movement and meditation sessions deeply rooted in yogic traditions. These practices are designed to facilitate the shift of energy within your body, allowing for a profound connection between your physical and spiritual self. Through somatic exploration, you will discover new ways to embrace and harmonise the healthy masculine and feminine aspects within you.

Our emotional release workshops provide a structured and supportive environment for you to let go of any burdens you may have carried for too long. These inner child sessions are designed to help you navigate through stored emotions of your past, allowing for healing and a renewed sense of emotional well-being to emerge. Our experienced facilitators will skillfully guide you through these workshops, ensuring a safe and cathartic experience.


  • A guided journey into embodying the female archetypes from a mixed gender team
  • We will be leaving our technology and watches behind and diving into our hearts
  • 4 Days, 3 nights accommodation (3pm Opening Thursday afternoon. 4pm closing Sunday afternoon)
  • Delicious meals each day - Breakfast, lunch & dinner
  • Shared accommodation
  • Meditation, breath-work & movement
  • Tools to harness and embody your archetypes when you leave​
  • A follow up zoom group check-in call
  • A beautiful connection with nature in the Dorset countryside
  • Hot tub, infrared sauna, indoor swimming pool & fire pit
  • Bath and hand towels are provided, we ask guests to provide their own pool towels
  • All matts and bolsters provided​​


*Please note this is a drug and alcohol free space.

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