Cumbia Sonidera Rhythm & Flavor group dance classes

Hosted by Virgil Y Cumbias
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First and foremost, you need to know that these are not just simple dance classes or some ordinary dancing events, this is a worldwide project. 

The purpose, is to spread this amazing rhythm and gorgeous Cumbia Sonidera dance from Mexico and Colombian Cumbia, all over the globe. 

This music and dance need to be known by everyone who really has Cumbia in their hearts. 

For those who don’t know... 

• Cumbia is a Latin American musical genre born in Colombia somewhere around the 1800`s. 

It is the first Latin musical genre to appear on the American continent, then other genres such as Salsa, Cha cha cha, Mambo, Rumba etc. followed. 

• Since 1940 - 1950's, Cumbia has been taken over by the other Latin countries on the continent. 

Ciudad de Mexico was first to find the love for the Colombian Cumbia, and then added some few extra sounds to it. 

They named it Cumbia Sonidera. 

Cumbia is considered to be the soul of Latin American music and Queen of the rhythms. 

The Cumbia we have here in Bristol that we’ll learn more about is Cumbia Sonidera, from North Mexico. 

The dance styles that we are gonna learn... are from the cities: Leon Guanajuato, San Luis Potosi, Monterrey, Monclova and Texas. 

There's 5 Cumbia dance styles we have in the project: 

3 partner dance styles; Paso Doble and Sonidero 

and 2 street dance styles; Cholos and Chuntaros. 

Now is the time for England and all of Europe to see and feel the energy and vibration of Colombian and Mexican Cumbia- the music that the world needs to hear and learn more about. 

Together, we can give huge support to Mexico and help get the dance style of Cumbia Sonidera out there in the world, internationalising it like Salsa, Bachata and Cha Cha Cha are. 

This project,  "Rhythm and Flavor",  was created in 2019 by Virgil Y Cumbias, 

the only dance teacher in the UK who has this passion for Cumbia Sonidera, and he wants YOU in the circle of RUEDA DE CUMBIA SONIDERA. 

We are most fortunate to be here in Bristol and share with you the true power of Cumbia. 

These dance classes will prepare you for all the Cumbia events that will take place in Bristol or anywhere else in the world.  

Right now... all you have to do is, if you like the sound of Cumbia, come and experience with us this amazing rhythm of Colombia Cumbia and Mexican Cumbia 

This is very new and very fresh for the UK, right from the streets where Cumbia Sonidera is listened and danced the most. 

We are 100% sure that you will love this phenomenal rhythm of Colombia and Mexico. 

Virgil Y Cumbias, the Ambassador of Cumbia Sonidera, greets Bristol - England and the whole of Europe, inviting you to dance the great rhythm of Cumbia. 

Thank you everyone for supporting Cumbia in Bristol - England.

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This is one of the most energetic dance and rhythm of Cumbia that you could ever feel.
Rhythm & Flavor £10
• ⭐️Virgil Y Cumbias⭐️ the Ambassador of 🇲🇽Cumbia Sonidera🇲🇽 is right here in Bristol with you, for you 😀
This donation supports the Cumbia Rhythm & Flavor dancing project to get spread all over UK. (minimum £1)
Thank you for your donation and for all your support 🙏
Come and experience with us by dancing this Latin rhythm.

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