The Redwood: Connecting to our Inner Child, Surrounding Them with Care - ACER Integration Taster with Dr Rosalind Watts & ACER Community Members

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It has been a year since Dr Rosalind Watts welcomed the first participants to her ‘community of purpose’  ACER Integration. This global, online community has connected with each other and the living world in beautiful and unexpected ways. They are now taking their learnings, new projects, commitments and friendships into the wider world. Some of them are joining the team to become ACER sharing circle facilitators themselves. All of them will remain in the ACER Global Forest to continue to cross-pollinate as active agents of connectedness, a mycelial network that spans the globe and will keep growing.  

If you would like to get a taste of ACER, in advance of the community opening its doors to the next cohort,  join us online on Tuesday 17th October, 7pm UK time

You will have the opportunity to participate in a guided Redwood Tree Journey, which is one of the key elements of the Twelve Trees framework, created by Dr Watts, that ACER participants follow throughout the year. 

The Redwood Tree teaches us that no matter how big and strong the tree, the sapling it once was is still there at its core. How do we learn to soothe our inner child who had to withstand big storms with such thin skin when it was so tiny? We remember that now we have strong, thick bark, like the Redwood’s spongy self-soothing protective outer layer. We nurture our ability to self-regulate, to take care of the tender inner child at our core  and let them know that we’re surrounding them with soft strength now.  

Using techniques from polyvagal theory, the Redwood Tree Journey will allow you to feel the warmth of your own protective outer layer, and let the sapling in you know that you’re safe.     

Join us for this live Tree Journey and sharing circle, and hear from soon-to-be graduates about what ACER, and the tree journeys, have meant to them.

Dr Watts will also share with us how the community has developed, what is on the horizon, and how you can get involved in future cycles. There will also be plenty of time to ask Dr Watts any questions you may have about the ACER Integration cycle and beyond. 


6:50pm - Zoom opens

7:00pm - Welcome  & Introduction to ACER Integration by Dr Rosalind Watts 

7:20pm - Screening of the Redwood Tree film

7:35pm - Interview with ACER participant

7:45pm - Redwood Tree Journey

8:15pm - Redwood Tree Sharing Circle in groups

8:35pm - Live Q&As with Dr Rosalind Watts

About ACER Integration

ACER Integration is an online, global community that follows a year-long integration cycle created by Dr Rosalind Watts. ACER Integration is designed to help you connect more deeply to yourself, others, and the living world through bespoke materials created by Dr Watts, live sharing circles, breathwork, integration Q&As led by some of the most prominent voices in the psychedelic space, and monthly conversations with world-class psychologists such as Dick Schwartz, Ron Siegal and Terence Real.

About Dr Rosalind Watts

Dr Watts is a clinical psychologist, a mother, and a nature lover. Her work as the Clinical Lead for Imperial College London’s psilocybin trial has made her one of the most prominent voices and minds in the field of psychedelic research.

Dr Watts has been named as one of the 50 Most Influential People in Psychedelics as well as one of the top Top 16 Women Shaping the Future of Psychedelics. However, what sets Dr Watts apart is her focus on integration, harm-reduction and inclusion in the psychedelic space.

Dr Watts builds tools and structures to foster connectedness after psychedelic experiences, finding inspiration for their design from nature. Through all her work, Rosalind's main learning has been that safe and effective use of psychedelics requires substantial integration support. As a result, she co-founded the UK's first psychedelic integration group, and in 2022 launched ACER (‘Accept, Connect, Embody, Restore’) Integration - a global online integration community where participants follow a 13-month process together to connect more deeply to the self, others, and nature.


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