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Some days would be very hard to get through without music.

Music carries us through the most challenging times of our lives. In the ACER Integration community, music is the heart of many of our psychedelic integration practices.  We also use music to integrate the intense journeys of our daily lives, especially when life feels like a bad trip that doesn’t end. 

A few years ago, Jon Hopkins and Just Music kindly donated some of his music for us to work with, creating some music meditations to support psychedelic integration.  One of these, the Shadow Cave, is a 20-minute guided imagery journey from ACER, which we will embark on together during this free taster event.    

Come along to hear Jon talk about his music and how it can be used for psychedelic integration,  ask him your questions, and hear from ACER community members about how Jon’s music has touched them.  Experience the Shadow Cave journey, with small facilitated sharing circles afterwards. We will also discuss how breathwork and other music-assisted practices can help with integration (of psychedelics, and of our day-to-day lived experience).  

When the times are hard, music and community are balm for the soul. They both help us process big emotions and integrate insights. Come be with us as we journey into the Shadow Cave together.  

*Note that this journey can bring up some challenging emotions, but you can go as deep as feels safe for you.  There are many exit points as we travel down to an inner cave where abandoned parts of ourselves live.  This is an invitation to befriend a ‘shadow creature’ within you who longs for your love.  We travel there together,  guided and carried by Jon’s music, with sharing circles afterward.  And at any point, you open your eyes, have a cup of tea, and re-join us when you’re ready. 

The music of Jon Hopkins has been a potent medicine for millions of people. His “Music for Psychedelic Therapy” album (Domino Records) has accompanied so many people on their journeys into the deepest places of the heart.  Jon’s music invites us to sit around the fire together, in our raw pain, in our love, in our awe, in our despair, and in our deep connection with the web of life.  This music helps the tears come when they need to and helps us to ‘align our heartbeat with the heartbeat of Nature’ (Joseph Campbell).



Jon Hopkins

Jon Hopkins is a classically trained composer and electronic musician whose solo and collaborative works, including deeply cerebral ambient techno recordings and immersive film scores, have received widespread acclaim as well as Grammy and Mercury Prize nominations. In 2018, he set off on a mission to conceptualise a new genre of music specifically engineered to enhance guided trips. The field recordings from an expedition to Ecuador form the basis of Music for Psychedelic Therapy, his immersive soundtrack to consciousness exploration. 


Dr Rosalind Watts

Dr Rosalind Watts is a clinical psychologist and an influential voice in the psychedelic field.  Her research focuses on how psychedelic therapy can increase ‘Connectedness to Self, Others and World’.   Her 2017 Ted talk about psychedelic therapy had more than a million views but she has critiqued her earlier ideas, realising that these ways of working cannot be safe or effective until we create community infrastructure of care around them. 

In order to start building a web of connectedness for people after psychedelic sessions, she co-founded a global online integration community, ACER (‘Accept, Connect, Embody, Restore’) which takes a collective approach to personal growth, and encourages re-alignment to the wisdom of nature.

After years of focusing on the importance of Psychedelic Integration, Dr Watts is now also developing infrastructure for ‘Psychedelic Outegration’, and  exploring this within the ACER community.  Some members become Elders who are supported to share some of the ACER practices free of charge in their local ecosystem.  You can find out more about ACER and how to join the community at .

For free open access to therapy and research tools, such as the ACE manual, ‘pearl dive’ audio for psychedelic preparation, and the WCS psychometric tool for measuring Connectedness,  please visit 


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