Inner Alchemy: Befriending Our Shadows

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Inner Alchemy: Befriending Our Shadows

Using the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model for self-intimacy, with Yaniv Rose and Sophie Yates

What if your terrible inner critic contained within it a sliver of wisdom it was trying to convey? 

And what if you had the tools to extract that raw nectar, and turn it into a power that serves you. Is that even possible? 

Come find out.

What to expect

As with the ancient philosophy and practice of alchemy, where base metals like lead and copper are transformed into gold, Inner Alchemy allows us to take any experience (particularly an activating one) and transform it into something valuable—bringing greater awareness, intimacy, and empathy into our relationship with ourselves.

This workshop is for anyone who senses it’s time to face one of your inner critics. We’ll be working with a part of you that feels uncomfortable to welcome in yourself—perhaps a part that feels too small or too big, not good enough or too good, embarrassing or awkward or just blergh. Any part of you that if you heard the words, “you know, the thing about you is that you’re just SO [insert word here]”, would leave you feeling like an upturned trolley frozen alone in a car park or squirming like an earthworm reading its teenage diary. Those parts.

With wisdom from the worlds of IFS, authentic relating, and psychodrama, we invite you to give shape to, spend time with, play with, and dialogue with these parts, with the intention of re-contracting your relationship together and ultimately nurturing a kinder and more expansive relationship with them and, in turn, yourself.

About Our Facilitators


Yaniv Rose

Perfecting the blend of “TOO MUCH and NOT ENOUGH”, Yaniv is a creator / curator of havens for Self-expression and collective healing. They’re a certified Authentic Relating facilitator and Level 2 Trained IFS practitioner with a clear vision: unearthing our innate wholeness. Unlocking our unique gifts – which, in turn, will illuminate a world in dire need of them.

“Yaniv has this beautiful ability to hold and guide the group while creating a sense of safety and compassion. While encouraging authenticity and presence you’ll feel safe and connected with yourself and others within one of his sessions. He’s definitely got talent, skills and heart. I’ll definitely work with him again.”

Yaniv is one of my absolute favorite Authentic Relating teachers across the board. I've been in several of his courses and keep returning to him. For me, he embodies a consciousness that lovingly helps me become more self-aware and self-expressive. I'm a fan of both his playfulness and the seriousness in which he holds the space and himself. Being with Yaniv is an experience that I would recommend to anyone!

Sophie Yates

Sophie is a certified Authentic Relating facilitator passionate about supporting people to connect with themselves and each other. A firm believer in the body’s inherent intelligence, she envisions a future where relational skills are taught as an essential part of our upbringing. Sophie enjoys working with a variety of creative modes and media, including combining authentic relating with poetry, and is based in London, UK.

“I’m so deeply thankful for these meetings. Somehow with each session I’m discovering so much. It feels like it’s impossible to put in words, but it’s so huge.”  (On The Poetry Nest) 

“One of the most impactful workshops I attended was the “Introduction to Authentic Relating“ held by the amazing Sophie Yates… Her playfulness and smile conquered the room and formed a circle of trust within minutes. Her professionalism and familiarity with which she approached the group made us feel safe, not realising time passing by. Following her workshop I decided to make Authentic Relating my day to day practice.”  (On Intro to AR at Primal Gathering) 




Neal’s Yard Meeting Rooms, 14b Neal's Yard, London WC2H 9DP

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