Sacred Sexuality: 5-Week Course with Bibi Gratzer

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Sacred Sexuality with Bibi Grazter


Have you ever wanted to bring more shamelessness, pleasure and liberation into your sex life without feeling scared, guilty or tense?  

Relationship and Sex Mentor, Bibi Gratzer, envisions a world where the celebration of sexuality and sexual expression is universal, recognising it as sacred as the Earth and G*d, fostering a deeper and wilder love for oneself and others.

If you agree with Bibi that sexuality is an important part of human relating, you might also agree that sexuality is a foundational part of healthy relationship dynamics with ourselves and others. And science backs this up (scroll down for more on this!).


Who is this for? 

  • This is for all those who want to either heal something in their sexuality, or who want to increase their capacity to experience pleasure. This is a trauma-informed and safe space, however it important to state that you are responsible for looking after your own mental health.
  • This is for couples and singles. Price is per person even if you are using only one account to login.
  • All sexual orientations and genders as well as gender non-conforming folk welcome.
  • If you have experienced a severe sexual trauma and you haven’t integrated this trauma, please contact me before the course. I need to make sure that the group can hold you.

This event is for women, men, non-binary, couples, singles.  All genders and gender non-conforming people welcome.  The only prerequisite is that you are willing to participate in the practices, even if they may seem a bit odd or different initially.

Photo Credit: @jspencerkeyse @radicalreimagination

Where does science come into it?

Research shows that regular sexual practices with an intention and devotion, can significantly improve mental health (even more so than psychedelics), improve the bonding between two people, and thus have an impact on our overall life satisfaction, happiness, and family life. 

Sex often leads to mystical experiences and flow states. Flow states are essential for creative expression and new ideas, which in return can be beneficial for the status of the world - especially at such a challenging time as now. 

In other words… by having sex, we can help change the world!

The Importance of Practice 

Many of us might struggle to have what we might deem as “good sex”. Many experience shame, dissociation, fear, lack of desire or knowing what your desire is, as well as physical pain or other physical symptoms - and these might prevent us from enjoying a healthy sex life. 

As with anything, if you want to be good at something, you have to practise. This is a course for those who are ready to level-up in their sex life, and to commit to 5 weeks of practise in this intimate area. 

The system of tantra, as well as other spiritual practices, and neo-tantra have proven to be very helpful in regards to learning how to practice well. In her teachings, Bibi combines sexological body work, and hands-on healing, with ancient tantric practices, such as working with Shiva (the Divine Masculine) and Shakti (the Sacred Feminine), as well as teachings from the Diamond Approach and Conscious Kink. 

What to expect 

 Over five weeks, we will dive gradually deeper into Sacred Sexuality practices. You will experience a self-pleasure practice in the comfort of your own home. 

Below is a guide as to the themes we will touch on - these are subject to change based on the individuals in the final group, so you can help steer and mould where we spend our time:

  • Week 1: Foundation: We start with understanding the relationship between pleasure and safety through learning how to work with your nervous-system on a deep level; We will dive into the philosophy of desire and expand your capacity to experience pleasure; We will also work with fear and blocks and learn a method that will support you in unlocking blocks and stuckness so that you can move beyond fear; We will set solid foundations that will help you to stay grounded and rooted in your body
  • Weel 2: The Art of Worship: Connecting to your Inner Lover; We explore genitals and heal conditioning around pleasure, religion and genitals so that you will become a living altar, offering your desires and pleasure to the Great Mystery
  • Weel 3: Sovereignty: We will dive deep into the 5 Pillars of Sexual Ecstasy and learn how to use each of them for cultivating sexual energy in your body; this will further unlock and help you to stay out of your head and fully experience your body; We will explore and practice self-pleasure as a spiritual practice
  • Week 4: Presence & Power: Sacred Union through Masculine and Feminine Archetypes: Working with "Shiva & Divine Masculine ; This is where we learn how to move energy through the body, and practice non-ejaculative sex for male bodies and deeper and higher orgasmic states for female bodies; We will explore the parameters of having a multi-orgasm
  • Week 5: Surrender & Ecstasy: Sacred Union through Masculine and Feminine Archetypes: Working with “Shakti & the Goddess”; We will explore the relationship between feelings, heightened sensitivity and liberated sexuality

Dates, Wednesday evenings on:

  • 14th Feb
  • 21st Feb
  • 28th Feb
  • 6th March
  • 13th March

Each session on the course will last 2-3 hours, and then you will get up to 15 min of exercises to practise every day if you choose. 


Research Participation (optional)

If you would like to support the research on Sacred Sexuality, we are excited to give you the option to participate in a simple, anonymous study for the duration of the course and up to 3 months after the course. The research simply consists of a series of practices that you will be encouraged to do as part of the course, plus a few questionnaires to fill out on a weekly basis for 5 weeks and then at 1 month and 3 months after the course. We will go over this in Week 1 so you can decide whether or not you would like to take part.

Photo credit: @jspencerkeyse @radicalreimagination

“Working with Bibi has been a life-changing experience. She holds really safe spaces which gives room to explore more vulnerable parts of ourselves.”


Meet your facilitator: Bibi Gratzer


Photo Credit: @jspencerkeyse @radicalreimagination

Bibi Gratzer’s essence lies in bringing the sacred into the experience of the body through sacred sexuality, emotional shadow work, relationship work, and ritual. She is a Relationship and Sex Mentor, working with couples and individuals. Bibi predominantly works with the wounds between masculine and feminine - and men and women. She has a background in ecology, and then studied archetypes, systemic constellation work, grief-ritual, Authentic Relating, sacred sexuality and soul regression. Her spiritual practices include tantra, cross-work (an archetypal map of the soul), Ashtanga Yoga and different forms of dance. She has worked with hundreds of people offering intensives, workshops, retreats, and long-term mentoring. 

What to bring? 

  • Please make sure that you are undisturbed for the duration of the call (if possible switch your phone off completely).
  • We recommend creating a little altar or dedicated space for the duration of the entire course. You might want to buy things or collect things from nature that help you transform your space into a sacred temple, rather than a room. Invest a little bit of time here, it is worth it!
  • Get cosy: create a nesting space with warm blankets and cushions
  • Water (stay hydrated)
  • Honey (or a vegan alternative)
  • Tissues
  • Notebook/journal, in case you want to revist certain practices or thoughts

“A very instructive talk. I have discussed it with my partner and we were very pleased to see that we are actually going along the right lines in many ways, but that there is so much more; that a relationship between two minds has a universe of depth to it. We are so much looking forward to our new adventure together!” 



Our space

In order to help create a safe container we ask you to comply with the following:

  1. Be open and respectful of each other - People who disturb the safety of the group through judgemental, offensive, or violent behaviour will be asked to leave.
  2. Keep confidentiality - Please don't talk about other people's experiences outside of the workshop; talk about your own experiences only

If you experience significant mental health challenges, please get in touch with us directly before you attend the workshop.


These workshops will be recorded and shared with ticket holders who cannot attend every week.

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