Psychedelics 101: A Roadmap to Navigating Mind Altering Substances (3-Week Online Course)

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Psychedelics are appearing all over mainstream media. But in a myriad of convoluted and mismatching resources, it can be difficult for the psychedelic-curious to know where to begin.

In a comprehensive and thought-provoking course, we’ll be exploring psychedelics 101, covering all basic grounds. The course will span across time, from ancient psychedelics origins to modern neuroscience, and across the globe, delving into the global psychedelic renaissance of today. You will also be given an overview about how to navigate and make the most out of your own conscious-expanding journey, in a safe and integrated way. 

Course overview:

WEEK ONE: Wednesday 22nd November 7-9pm (GMT)

  • What are psychedelics? Understanding and unraveling key distinctions about what psychedelics are, and the different types
  • Psychedelics throughout the ages Exploring the rich tapestry of psychedelic use across history and indigenous cultures whose psychedelic traditions remain today
  • The psychedelic renaissance From the first wave of psychedelic research throughout the 1950s and 60s, to the wealth of ongoing psychedelic study today and cultural shifts that have emerged

WEEK TWO: Thursday 30th November 7-9pm (GMT)

  • The mind unraveled: Investigating the neuroscience underpinning psychedelic effects and why these substances have gained far-reaching recognition for their potential to enhance mental health
  • Planning a psychedelic journey: Deciding which substance and dose may be most suitable for your journey
  • The psychedelic retreat landscape: Discussing the growing world of psychedelic retreats, how to carefully and safely choose which retreat to attend and what to look for in a facilitator

WEEK THREE: Thursday 7th December 7-9pm (GMT)

  • Navigating a psychedelic crisis: Discussing why difficulties may manifest during a psychedelic experience and how to navigate them
  • Psychedelic integration: Understanding how to apply insights from a psychedelic experience into everyday life

This will be a live and interactive course, with approximately one and a half hours of teaching and half an hour for Q&A each week. All ticket holders will be sent a recorded copy of the course and course content so you can refer back to the knowledge at you leisure. 

Disclaimer: This course is a broad oversight of psychedelics. Although we will cover harm-reduction practices, we recommend first-timers utilise professional guidance and more in-depth study, to best support personal altered-state journeys. 

About your facilitator: Martha Allitt

Martha is a journalist, events coordinator, public speaker, and facilitator. Having completed a degree in Neuroscience, she now works in science communications, primarily writing about psychedelic research from a biomedical and mental health research focus. 

She is also a co-director of the not-for-profit Psychedelic Society UK, in which she coordinates and hosts events and courses about the ethical, political, and safety implications of the psychedelic renaissance and the progression of psychedelic therapies into mainstream clinical care. Her written work is found in various media sites, including Lucid NewsThird WaveDoubleBlind Voltface, and Trial Site News. 

Martha has volunteered with PsyCare UK since 2019, offering harm-reduction support to people having difficult drug-related experiences at music events. She also co-runs integration groups and is curious about bringing her additional passion as a yoga teacher into the psychedelic integration space.


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