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Come as you are, and allow yourself to take a fun conscious dance journey! With beautiful soul-inspiring music and heart-felt guidance, you will be able to unplug, release, replenish and expand into a greater sense of inner balance and aliveness within you.

For those unfamiliar to conscious dance, this experience can otherwise be referred to as mindful movement meditation to music. The technique that you will be facilitated along is called Transcendance which is a powerful fusion of relaxed stretching, deep breathing, free-form body movements, positive creative visualisations, energy healing and embodiment coaching, all designed to empower you to live a healthy and joyful life. 

No experience or dance ability necessary. No steps or routines to follow. EveryBODY is welcome (even if you think you have two left feet)!

*You will receive an IMPORTANT CONFIRMATION EMAIL upon booking with all the relevant information and guidelines for this session. 




We kindly ask you to be present for the whole session so that we can take the dance journey together





Jules says: The dancing and music took me out of my head, out of all the thoughts about the things I ‘should’ do/think/say and tapped straight to the source of the problem, which is beyond my consciousness. I’ve always believed the body holds so much wisdom and we have the power to heal ourselves  but never really experienced it like this. The shift was so dramatic. I began the session completely switched off and shut down, and by the end I could literally feel the strong life-force of positive energy field around me.

Amanda says: It was lovely to connect with my body and take myself out of current distractions to be truly present

Robert says: I’ve been struggling with my mental health for 4 years, going through a really difficult time. I was a bit nervous at the start of the session, but now at the end of the session I am feeling good, for the first time in 4 years!

Julie says: I really enjoyed this session, I really connected with it and surprised myself just how much!! I am taken aback with just how good this was and want to thank you for showing me the way ahead in my life. This is going to change my life, I just know it!

Stephen says: The benefits gained from these experiences happen ‘on and off the dance floor’. I am able to get out of my busy analytical headspace and feel lighter in my body during the sessions, and over the next few days I am more creative and productive in my work and home life! Huge win!

Jules says: Dr Indika held such a beautiful, secure, connected, authentic space. She created a community when individuals were seen. I’m so grateful for that. 



Dr Indika facilitates unique experiences that honour and support all of the light and shades of our existence from an empowered place. She knows too well how we can often feel scattered, overwhelmed and sometimes disempowered in today’s fast-paced quick-fix culture and thus how important it is to feel held and supported in a non-judgemental loving space. 

She holds a safe environment for participants to feel comfortable to be themselves and enable their own conscious dance journey to manifest as an anchor to help navigate their life’s path through the challenges and opportunities that come along the way. 

Dr Indika is the first and only UK-based Transcendance facilitator and continues to deepen her practice by being part of an ongoing mastermind programme, led by Jennifer Jiménez, founder of Transcendance.  She is also a mother of three, wife, former GP and Functional Medicine doctor, and it is this unique blend of personal and professional experiences that continuously shapes her empathic understanding of the human condition and the much needed connection to the ‘soul-self’. She is honoured to be following her soul-led purpose to share conscious dance with individuals in community, to help enable personal growth from the heart. 


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No refunds but you can transfer your ticket to a friend/family member if you are unable to make it. Let us know via so we can keep an accurate register, and please organise finances between yourselves. You can also check with us if there is a waiting list.


We look forward to welcome you!


Dr Indika





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