Yoga, Psychedelics & Consciousness with Christopher Gladwell, Jez Grattan-Kane and Martha Allitt

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There is a blossoming trend of yoga and a rediscovery of hallucinogenic drugs in the West. What are the parallels which draw these experiences together?

The yogic third-eye mysteriously appears throughout history. What relationship does this seat of higher consciousness has to the psychedelic experience? Soma, “the nectar of the Gods” of ancient yogi texts, has been interpreted as a psilocybin mushroom. Did psychoactive plants influence the origins of yoga? And is it possible that through ancient yogic breath and body practices, a psychedelic experience can be induced from within?

We will explore kundalini awakening, holotropic breathwork and the importance of yoga in psychedelic integration. We will investigate the ties and contrasts between yoga and psychedelics and how both of these practices have been re-invented as tools for healing by our modern-day society.


Christopher Gladwell

Chris has been living in the vision of non-dual yoga and tantra for nearly forty years. He spent 15 years working with Shamanic teachers and has received initiation into core practices of teachings which have inspired and directed his life. Chris is a trained biologist and has taught anatomy and physiology for many years, as well as bodywork through massage, Shiatsu and Fascial Release work. He is also trained in contemporary psychotherapy, clinical hypnotherapy, NLP and conscious breathwork, with a keen interest in developing the human potential and in the body-mind continuum. His work integrates biological and spiritual knowledge to help others foster peace of mind, optimal flow and peak performance. Chris has authored several books from tantric sex to planet-protection, hosted several online courses, and also facilitates yoga and breathwork classes and retreats. For more about Christ here is his website: and his Youtube channel:

Jez Grattan-Kane 

Jez Grattan-Kane is a yoga teacher, breathwork coach and psychonaut. With training in India, Nepal and the UK, he is currently finishing studying integrative transpersonal counselling. He has a fascination with the mature use and integration of altered states for therapeutic use, exploration of the imagination for the individuals and the collective, and cultivating the wider use and re-naturalisation of these states. Jez facilitates yoga classes, breathwork sessions and retreats. Whether working through meditation, movement, medicines or breathwork, he aims to contribute to an improved collective societal response to the ecological and social meta-crisis we face in today’s world. Jez’s website:

Martha Allitt

Having realised the profound power of yoga to recover her trauma, Martha has since trained as a yoga teacher to share back the gift of practice. With a degree in Neuroscience, she is deeply fascinated by the parallels between modern science and ancient practices and investigating spiritual practices as healing tools for mental illness. She is intrigued by altered states of consciousness, and promoting safe use of psychoactive substances. She currently curates events for the Psychedelic Society and has volunteered in harm-reduction. Martha’s website can be found here:


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