The Purple UFO: Psychedelic Art Session, Ceremony and Live Music

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The Purple UFO will be landing at the Mycelium Space on Sunday 17th December for an immersive day and night event that dives deep into the cosmic realms of creativity and consciousness.

The Purple UFO is more than an event; it’s a living, multidimensional entity, a galactic vehicle waiting to embrace all who enter its luminous orbit. Step aboard, and you'll be enveloped in a therapeutic vibration that invites you to set your imagination free and dive deep into your inner creative world. 


“We are all sparks of creation, divine artists in our own right”


At the heart of every Purple UFO gathering is the celebration of self-expression, for we are all sparks of creation and divine artists in the grand tapestry of existence. This event is your invitation to connect with the vast universe within and beyond and to awaken the artist within. 

Prepare to be immersed in a day of awe and wonder, your cosmic odyssey awaits.

Event Schedule 

11am - 2pm: Soul Service with Lana Jagger & Jade Gaia 

Join us as we gather in sacred circle, uniting to support each other’s healing, liberation, and empowerment. Our journey commences with a ritual smudging and a sharing circle where experiences, stories and dreams meld. We will serve ceremonial cacao ~ a powerful medicine which floods the body with healing compounds to facilitate deep relaxation, emotional release, and the opening of the heart centre. We will then embark on a guided soul journey with shamanic sound healing to explore beyond this earthly realm to cosmic dimensions, connecting with spiritual allies and unleashing the creative spark within. 

Please bring: Your favourite mug, a yoga mat, a pillow, a warm blanket, a notepad and pen and water. Please feel free to bring your own snacks / lunch - there will also be food and drink available, please see below ‘Food & Drink’.


3pm - 5pm: Psychedelic Art Session with Harry Pack 

Following the Soul Service, join Harry as he discusses his journey as an artist and how The Purple UFO came to be through his own creative path involving art therapy, psychedelics and the spiritual toolkit he has developed along the way. Harry will then take you on a trip into the realm of Psychedelic Art ~ as you revel in the creative and spiritual energies coursing through your soul from our earlier ceremony, he will inspire you to unleash your inner artist and allow your creativity to flow. This will be followed by group discussion and the opportunity to share and integrate your experiences with the group as a collective.

*All materials for the art session will be provided, but please feel free to bring along your own.


7pm - 11pm: Community Gathering & Live Music with Cheetah Ram

Join us for an evening where creativity, cosmic exploration, and community connection intertwine. Elevate your spirit with an ecstatic musical journey with Cheetah Ram ~ a dynamic duo of creativity and love, who share their joy for creativity with live medicine music, heart songs and poetry. With influences from mantra, the jungle, the Celtic lineage and other frequencies of Spirit, Cheetah Ram create a melting pot of genres and cultures in a symphony of cosmic energy. It is their hope that bringing music together in this way highlights the power of sound in the dissolving of separation. Let Cheetah Ram inspire the divine artist within you and join in for the chilled out jam session after, please bring your instruments. 

This night is all about forging connections with kindred spirits in the psychedelic community - a moment to unite, share, and celebrate the boundless creativity within. Join us for an evening that transcends boundaries, celebrating art, music, connection, and the vibrant pulse of the psychedelic movement.


Food & Drink 

We will have heart warming cacao and organic soft drinks available to buy throughout the day and evening events. 

If you are joining us for the day event, we will have a wholesome sweet potato and coconut curry with quinoa available to buy (vegan and gluten free). 

A cup of ceremonial cacao is included as part of the Soul Service ceremony. 

Come, psychedelic explorers, and join us for an unforgettable day of cosmic revelation, artistic liberation, and the ultimate expression of self. 

The Purple UFO awaits you.


Disclaimer: Please note that this event should not be considered as a replacement for personal therapy. Psychedelic Art Therapy will be an exploration of creativity and consciousness in a group setting. Our facilitators are not able to offer support or guidance for any  mental health issues or heavier material that you may be working with. If you are experiencing any challenges with your mental health or current situation in life, we strongly recommend you seek support from a qualified professional. 



Harry Pack

 Harry Pack is a British multi-media artist who renders surreal depictions of alternate dimensions that seek to engage and activate the unconscious mind of the viewer. 

His practice, which spans painting, drawing and digital mediums, reflects themes of human perception and psyche, influenced by psychedelic culture. His work encourages the viewer to turn their mind from the fragility of the material world and towards a contemplation of something more stable and infinite. The kaleidoscopic paintings depict a visual realm at once fantastical, foreign and strangely familiar. 

Three-dimensional, dream-like landscapes composed of fractal shapes and ordered geometric patterns are populated by extra-terrestrial forms: strange humanoids, anthropomorphic machines, animals and plant-life moving purposefully throughout spaces that operate as portals into the personal and psychological. His work is a vessel for self-exploration and understanding as he examines his past through older eyes.



IG: @harrypackart & @thepurpleufo


Lana Jagger

Lana Jagger is a medicine woman and poet walking the path of mysticism. Guided by Spirit, Lana’s mission is to help catalyse the global consciousness shift by bridging ancient wisdom and the modern world through her soulful and psychedelic music.



IG: @lanajagger_  

Jade Gaia

 Jade is an intuitive channel, energy healer and spiritual mentor. It is Jade’s mission to help empower people to reclaim their power and live a soul-embodied life by overcoming their doubts, releasing the limitations holding them back, and guiding them to lead from their hearts. She has studied extensively with mentors around the world and works with a range of healing modalities including spiritual healing, Reiki and Quantum Angelic Healing to name a few. She also has a 1st class honours Integrated Healing diploma from The London College of Psychic Studies.


IG: @jade_gaia_

Cheetah Ram

Cheetah Ram are a dynamic duo of creativity and love; advocates for expression! They share their joy for creativity with live music, heart songs, medicine music & poetry. Their work is being shared far and wide, and can be experienced through workshops, sacred ceremonies, retreats, gigs and festivals. With influences from Mantra, the Jungle, the Celtic lineage and other frequencies of Spirit - Cheetah Ram creates a melting pot of genres and cultures. It is their hope that bringing music together in this way highlights the power of sound in the dissolving of separation. -



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