Full Moon Ancestral Trauma Clearing Circle In Capricorn Via Zoom

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Hosted by Life In Confidence
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"I felt 10000% zonked. Like scary zonked. Like my entire body had been hit by a truck. I had been completely drained. Almost like I had glandular fever or something. Woke up feeling less exhausted but like the energy was still shifting. Was really interesting. Especially with the intention, which I've struggled with in the last 4 months, but last night I wrote till it became clear. Thanks for doing what you do Jess!!"


Anne R, AUS



“Thank you so much for the Ancestral Ceremony. I feel lighter, peaceful and more in the present. The pain I got in my ovary before the session is gone. I slept so good and I can see my facial expression is more relaxed. I can't wait to do it again.”


Maria Fernandez, Professional Bodybuilder & Reiki Healer, EU


“I attended the ancestral trauma clearing ceremony with Jess X Goh and was so blown away with my experience. I felt very safe and comfortable to share my experiences and to be taken on an energy clearing meditation. I felt like I released so much and Jess was so professional but very personable with my first experience. I can’t wait to attend another ceremony.”


Jessica Harris, Digital Marketer & Reiki Healer, UK


“That was so amazing! Thank you so much, you held the space so beautifully. It was just what I needed, I had a lot of emotion coming up recently, love the practice and move through that and definitely feel some release and shifts.”


Alisha Faye, Founder Of Sacred Sync, AUS


Do you feel you're getting caught up in the hamster wheel of your parents' lives?


Do you find yourself with false beliefs around your identity?


No matter how much therapy, self-development, inner work and shadow work you do, you feel stuck, blocked and lost?


What if you could reconnect with your ancestors and help them dissolve their pain as you dissolve yours?


I used to take things personally and get caught up in my inner victim just like my parents.


I would collapse into the vicious cycle of abandonment, despair and loneliness as these traumas were passed down onto me by my parents and their parents.I can now stand strong on my own.


I feel powerful in my center knowing my soul's purpose and aligning myself with what's true for me.


Are you ready to break away from ancestral karma?


This suffering no longer belongs to you. It's time to rewrite your story!


Here's What You'll Experience...


🌟Ancestral Trauma Clearing: Experience an energetic clean up as you start to dissolve traumatic blockages and patterns passed down from your ancestors and aligning yourself to your truth through quantum timeline healing, light language, star magic and sound therapy.


🌟Sacred Sharing Circle: Feel safe and supported in a group dynamic with a highly successful mentor and like-minded heartcentered people as you share yourself with the tribe. Followed by personalised card reading and intuitive insights with next steps moving forward.


🌟Astrological Update: Receive guidance on specific dates for the month to be mindful of planetary changes and shifts that would influence your energy and decisions and how to move forward.


Can't make it live? You might be keen on plugging your ears to my Ancestral Clearing Audio!



Surrender To Trust,

Jess X Goh | Soul Founder Of Life In Confidence

Trauma Coach In Childhood Abuse | Galactic Healer | Detox Specialist

W: www.lifeinconfidence.com

YT: Life In Confidence


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