Serpent Goddess Rising: Amazon Peru Retreat

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The Intention


Deep in the depths of the rainforest, lies the heart of the Serpent Goddess - the Wild Mother and Lover to the elemental forces of nature.

And in the centre of every woman, is a primal longing to be reunited with her untamable, wild essence - and to lead her life trusting and embodying the current of aliveness as it dares to flow and flower through her.

During our 7 day voyage into the heart of the Amazon, we will meet Body and Earth as one - unfurling like the petals of the rose as we listen deep to the primal voice of nature, knowing that the answers which we seek exist within Earth herself - as the Wild Mother weaves her way through us like a river carving through rock, our breathe unlocking the hidden gifts of our body and soul.

In this potent underworld journey we tap into and expand the coiled serpentine energy held within each of us. Through practices in Kundalini Bodywork, Womb Yoga, Shamanic Embodiment, Plant Spirit Communication, Earth & Body-Based Rituals - you will discover tools and undergo ceremonies to somatically release and liberate your physical, energetic and emotional body, whilst increasing your capacity to be in expanded and blissful states, with a deeper connection to yourself, your sovereignty and the creative space of your womb. In balance with deep feminine embodiment you will recalibrate to new, higher frequencies with the help of flower spirit allies, and attuning to the current of the divine.

With our bare hearts and feet, we invite an embodied feminine encounter with the living mysteries of the jungle, and our own inner wild woman. Revealing the interconnection between Matter & Spirit, Earth Mother & Sky Mother, as we actively participate in the Mystery as it is being lived through us - unveiling the Serpent Goddess with remembrance that all is holy & whole, held in the Sacred Web of Life.

Through this immersion, we will take you on a journey of deep unwinding, from Body to Earth, and back again. Unlocking and unleashing the dormant programmes and patterns within - a dynamic process of deconstructing old paradigms so that we can reconstruct in greater alignment with your soul's true path.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to dance to the beat of the feminine heart of the Amazon, in deep honour of idigenous wisdom, in co-creative partnership with the flowers, the Earth & Each other.


For the full brochure, view via this link.


Harley Rose at the thermal river, during Viaje del Corazón: October 2023 Retreat at Inti Yacu


What you receive


  • 7 Nights Accommodation at Inti Yacu Healing centre, in the heart of the Amazon, Peru - located right next to the thermal river, a national park and feeding grounds of the rainbow macaws from across South America
  • Your private plane flight from Pucallpa to Contamana with incredible views of the Amazon rainforest & return overnight journey on the ferry up the  Ucayali River - the home of the pink dolphins
  • 3 Delicious Meals a Day cooked by resident chef Mamma Maria
  • Guided ceremonial hike to Sacred Sites of the Amazon Rainforest:  with Juan Carlos Taminchi
  • Daily workshops, ceremonies and rituals exploring Flowers of the Womb, Kundalini Bodywork and much more  with experienced facilitators Bryony & Harley, held within a beautiful ceremonial space surrounded by nature
  • All flower remedies, cacao & plants worked with during the 7 day immersion
  • Experiences to nourish the body such as thermal/hot spring river, flower baths, yoni steam rituals and massage workshops
  • An unforgettable experience to immerse in the wild and raw landscape of Amazon Rainforest with like-minded women, on a journey of lifetime


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The Invitation



The Itinerary


Monday 17th June: ARRIVAL


Lunch upon arrival, Land into Cabins & Rest

Evening Opening Ceremony

Tuesday 18th June: GROUNDING/ ROOTING


Bathing Ritual at the River

Hibiscus Tea Ceremony

Womb & Breast Massage



De-armouring Workshop

Shamanic Trance Dance

Flower Bath & Herbal or Yoni Steam



Kundalini Bodywork

Cacao & Rose Ceremony

Sensuous Earth Embodiment Ritual


(Full Moon + Solstice)


Wachuma Hike to heart of the Serpent Goddess guided  by Juan Carlos Taminchi -  the place of the Guacamayo (Rainbow Mackaw) , Anaconda Waterfall, Fertility Altar, Thermal River



Chakra Toning Vocal Activation

Blue Lotus & Passionflower Tea Ceremony

Womb Wrapping Ceremony



‘Ignite the Healer within’ Workshop

Anointing Ritual with Piri Piri Root

Serpent Embodiment Celebration Dance

Monday 24th June: INTEGRATION


Optional visit to the Hot Springs

For the full brochure, view via this link


Inti Yacu Healing Centre



"Powerful, empowering, wild. The location was breathtaking, a heaven of wild peace in an ancient woodland. I am infinitely grateful for the space held, the vulnerability, the community of the beautiful womb folk with whom I shared this experience. Womb wisdom, heart connection, sacred sexuality and sensuality, so many beautiful, rich practices tailored into a transformative weekend."


Anais : Womb Mysteries Retreat


Harley Rose hEALING



Full Moon Solstice Ceremony Hike


The Full Moon on Friday 21st June will be the first full moon of summer, and a potent energetic portal to welcome in the rose luminescent light of the ‘Strawberry Moon’. 

At a point when the energy planted in the Spring has reached full bloom, it will be a bountiful time of evolution, growth and new beginnings. 

On this day, we will celebrate the sun, connecting its life force to our own, as we pilgrimage deep into the Amazon jungle to symbolically ignite and bless our womb space in a spiritual baptism of our personal dreams, visions and desires at an ancient earth altar.

Here we will drink the crystalline water said to hold miraculous healing powers to enhance fertility and our creative power.


For the full brochure, view via this link.

To book a 30  minute discovery call click here



Serpent Goddess Rising


The time has come to activate your inner Serpent Goddess: the feminine consciousness of your awakened Shakti. 

We ignite the fire of your Kundalini energy, creating a bridge between heaven and earth - allowing our serpentine life force to rise, forming a ladder for consciousness to climb and ascend. 

Welcome to the new paradigm of sensual aliveness in embodied, awakened form, your deepening intimacy with earth reflecting your evolving connection to  body and soul.

Kundalini means “sacred force” and it initiates a rise of energy that clears the chakras and raises consciousness. In fact, Mother Earth has her very own Kundalini energy system.

Every 13,000 years the Earth’s Kundalini energy emerges from its resting place in the planet's core and moves like a snake across the surface of our world spurring spiritual evolution.

According to ancient history, it began its journey in Lemuria, before moving to Atlantis, then to the Himalayan mountains of India and Tibet. This time, the Serpent has moved to the magnetic lands of Peru, which is why we have chosen to guide this initiation in this potent, energetically significant location.

This transition is ushering in a new era of feminine consciousness, unrestricted by the limitations of previous patterns as it links us with cosmic energy, eternal wisdom, magnetic force and boundless inspiration.

Harley Rose Healing


"What a magical journey this was! In this beautifully crafted spiral we were guided to meet & work with plant allies and archetypes. Bryony's beautiful facilitation was gentle, feminine, inviting our curiosity and invoking our courage and we were all held within a very special group of women. The resources that Bryony provided in the course will continue to nourish me and guide my journey afterwards, as I intend to travel again into the labyrinth to continue this inner work. This course has changed me, profoundly, in ways I am only just starting to understand. Highly, highly recommended."


Alison : Womb Mystery School




The Flow


Each  day will have a unique flavour & theme, as we follow the devotional path from root to crown. But by creating a daily rhythm we create structure for the feminine to flow.


7am - 8am: Devotional Practice

Womb Yoga, Elemental Flow or Slow Sensual Awakening

8.30am - 9.30am: Breakfast

10am - 12pm: Morning Workshop

Sharing Circle, Tea Ceremony and/or Embodiment Journey

1pm - 2.30pm: Lunch

3pm - 6pm: Afternoon Ritual

Co-creating with the Land, Creative Practice and/or Energetic Work

7pm - 8pm: Dinner

8.30pm: Evening Ceremony or Rest & Reflection, Shamanic Journeying, Fire Ceremony or Quiet Time, Journaling and Resting


Exact timings may vary slightly depending on the weather & the pilgrimage we have planned for that day. For example on some days we may choose to pilgrimage in the morning rather than afternoon.

It is advised to be prepared for all weathers.





Kundalini Bodywork


Kundalini energy is a vital, divine, healing energy contained within each and every one of us. Once the energetic body is activated and awakened, our Kundalini life force energy initiates a rise of energy that clears the chakras and raises consciousness, bringing potent insights and opportunities for evolution and transformation.

Kundalini Bodywork is a holistic, integrative therapy which enables us to start to liberate trauma and dense chi stored in the body, which also helps us to strengthen and develop our energetic body, intuitive senses and Higher Consciousness.

For this retreat, we will come together as women to shake, dance, breathe and connect with our sacred life force. With special tools rooted in ancient technology and supported by modern tools and psychology, you will be guided through practices which support you in personal healing and awakening to maintain, increase and activate your Kundalini energy.

You are invited to work with a specific intention, thinking about something you’d like to release and transform and then, once activated the journey calls for deep surrendering. Surrendering to your own feminine power and divinity as your Serpent Goddess energy weaves through your physical, energetic and spiritual body giving rise to profound liberation.



Photo taken by @theferalwonder during Voice of the Womb Retreat


Flowers of the Womb


Flowers are the sexual organs of plants, and so are powerful allies when it comes to tending both the physical and spiritual essence of female reproductive organs.

The plants we work with during Serpent Goddess Rising - are specifically chosen to heal and balance the feminine heart, womb & spirit - so we may feel more empowered in our sexuality, connected to Earth & our essence as we call in and manifest our sacred dream - the highest vision we have for our life.



We begin - at the root, then travelling up the chakras we alchemise any energy that may have become stuck or stagnant bringing inner harmony & balance - so energy may begin to flow or flow-er.



Plants include:

Hibiscus - Root & Sacral

Cacao & Rose - Heart & Throat

Blue Lotus & Passion Flower - Third Eye & Crown

Piri Piri Root - Spirit



The plants we have chosen, are predominantly native or grow abundantly in the Americas - including the Rose which has been part of healing rituals in Peru since the times of the Incas. The Inca Rose is a unique variety that is native to Peru, and was cultivated and used by the indigenous Andean Cultures in their rituals, ceremonies and healing modalities. It has small, delicate pink flowers that grow in clusters and a sweet fragrance.





Other flowers that we work with include Hibiscus, which like Rose - is ruled by Venus: embodying the feminine qualities of grace, beauty, creativity and harmony. As a flower of Venus, Hibiscus tones the cardiovascular and reproductive system, supporting the blood, kidneys, and thyroid. It has been used widely by Midwives in the Americas during and post birth to assist with excess bleeding and tightening the uterus.  As a Womb ally, Hibiscus invites us to reclaim our sensuality and power, anchoring us into a felt sense of safety within the root, allowing energy to flow with freedom at the sacral, encouraging embodied expression of our sexuality.



In the ancient cultures of the Americas, Cacao is seen as a gift to humans from the gods. Many believe before Cacao even came to the Mayans, it began it’s journey here - in the heart of the Amazon rainforest. Theobromine Cacao contains more than 333 bio-active compounds which work upon the biochemistry of the body to reduce blood pressure and stress - whilst promoting the production of beneficial neurotransmitters such as serotonin and anandamide (the 'Happiness Hormone'and 'Bliss Molecule'). This is a medicine of the heart, which we will work with to feel the interconnection between each other, and the jungle.




As the highest vibrational flower, Rose carries the most potent frequency for us to embody love, and develop deep compassion for ourselves. Together with Cacao, Rose initiates us into the path of love -  how to be present and in a state of balance in a world which is so fragmented. To love in these times is a courageous act, and so needed for our collective freedom as it is through compassion, that we can transform.




As a gentle psychoactive plant, Blue Lotus has been used for millennia for awakening our senses to the inner realms of spirit. It’s also a natural aphrodisiac, which combined with it’s psychoactive properties - allow for embodied creation - manifesting from our soul and sensuality. Other properties include supporting sleep and reducing anxiety, whilst inducing lucid dreaming. Blue Lotus is our ally in visioning and embodying through the womb our highest vision for our lives.




Another sacred flower of the Americas, Passionflower is our ally in surrender, assisting us in direct communication with the mystical voice within. Passionflower's gifts are numerous in its strong ability to hypnotise the nervous system, inviting us into deep, restful states and sleep, allowing for restoration the body and mind  - creating space so that gentle grace of your essence to shine through. We work withthis flower spirit to support in dream recall, whilst calming and cleansing the spirit. Passionflower is our guide in accessing our inner wisdom, through softening, clarity and precision.




"Beautiful, magical and transformative. During three months, I have journeyed through the cleansing fire of Mugwort, the soft watery embrace of Lady's Mantle and the mystical sensuality of the Rose. In three months, I have learned to surrender to the mystery supported by Bryony, a group of powerful womb folk and our plant allies. I am infinitely grateful for Bryony's ability to hold such a sacred space over Zoom and for my womb pod's support, which co-created this deep healing and witnessing space."


Anais : Womb Mystery School





The Land




Inti Yacu healing centre belongs to Juan Carlos Taminchi, who was raised in the Peruvian Amazon, immersed in a culture that still utilises plant medicine by way of the Curandero. Juan Carlos is devoted to maintaining these rituals as they have been practiced for thousands of years, and preserving the heritage of these traditions for the benefit of all with whom they share. He dedicates himself to the caretaking of sacred plants, protecting their natural habitat and reforesting them so that they can continue to heal and inspire many generations to come.

Inti Yacu is set among 37 hectares of the land that Juan Carlos and his family have been caretaking for the last 7 years, reintroducing many healing species. Amongst the medicinal plants that he has been reforesting are Ayahuasca, Chacruna, Chacrupanga, Chuchuwasi, Ajos Sacha, Coca, Bobinzana, Wayra Caspi, Piñón Colorado, Patiquina negra, Lupuna blanca (Ceiba Pentadra), Malva, Chiric sanango and Tobacco which he utilises for ceremonies, plant dietas and traditional Amazonian healings.

People travel from all over the world to stay at Inti Yacu for ceremonies, physical cleansing and spiritual healing, feeling the call and presence of these great plant spirits and the potent energy of this sacred land and jungle.




Inti Yacu runs only on Solar power and rain water, with  cosy cabanas set amongst the trees of the rainforest offering beautiful views out into deep green, you’ll commune with the jungle and enjoy sightings of monkeys and other animal friends, right from the place where you sleep. Each cabana is built by hand with materials from the surrounding environment and comes complete with a compost toilet, whilst rain water is utilised for showering. Relax in your very own hammock by day and sleep deeply, serenaded by the sounds of the frogs, in your comfy bed by night, lit only by star and candle light.

With lovingly prepared home cooked food from Mamma Maria, you’ll enjoy locally sourced and deliciously ensembled, traditional Peruvian food in our community space.




Pucallpa is the final stop along the great Ucayali River before the Amazon jungle begins. From Pucallpa a 6 hour boat or short 30 minute flight brings you to Contamana, the nearest small town to Inti Yacu. Luckily, since we are in such a remote location, it is yet to receive an influx of tourism despite neighbouring a place of enchanting natural beauty, Sierra del Divisor National Park, a biodiverse rainforest reserve shared with Brazil. Just a short walk from Inti Yacu, the famous boiling river, which is heated by the Volcanos from the nearby mountains offers thermal bathing amid cascading jungle landscapes. With many hiking trails  to explore to mesmerising waterfalls, ancient altars and even the Jaguar’s hunting grounds, there’s plenty of places to visit by foot from Inti Yacu. Most notably, it is possible to take the winding jungle trail to the primary location in South America where the Guacamayo’s from all over Peru, Brazil and Bolivia come to feed off the natural minerals every morning.


Juan Carlos Taminchi, the guardian of Inti Yacu


This may be for you if…


  • You are ready to disconnect  from life as you know it, and go to a place where communion with nature, the elements, the earth, the plants and the spirits of the land is inevitable.


  • You are at a point of transition, moving from the known to the unknown. You are in a process of becoming. Ready to birth new ideas, new projects, new perspectives.


  • You are on a journey of Maiden to Mother or Mother to Crone, ready to transform from your youthful years to the wild, flowering scarlet woman - and the wise elder and keeper of the mysteries of life.


  • You wish to  improve your fertility, or are desiring to step into the next iteration of life, whether that is calling in a baby, a new lover or a project blossoming from the fertile space of your womb.


  • You are interested in Shamanic womb healing practices and embodied healing, you feel the call of the plants, the flower essences and are ready to ignite your wild, raw and authentic nature


  • You desire to align your values, your creativity and sensuality with the way you live your life - you are ready to make bold changes to set your dreams in motion and to welcome a new phase of life in tune with nature, your inner power and pleasure.


  • You are ready to lay to rest old patterns and paradigms that disconnect you from the flowing rhythms of your primal feminine essence, and Mother Nature - calling in your authetic voice & expression as a conduit of Earth & Divine Wisdom.



Getting Here


We have created a detailed PDF of how to get to Inti Yacu Healing Centre, which you can find via the link below.

You will need to fly to Lima, Peru - then travel to Pucallpa from which either Harley or Bryony will meet you to bring you to Inti Yacu via private plane from Pucallpa to Contamana - then from there it's a 1 hour drive into the jungle.

The return journey will be via an overnight ferry, along the Ucayali River from Contamana to Pucallpa - the river well known for sightings of the pink dolphins - and you will get to see the sunrise as you arrive back in Pucallpa.

You will need to organise your own travel and accommodation to Pucallpa, the day before your flight - as the flights and boats leave early in the morning, and Peru is a very large country to travel around.

So we recommend arriving some days before, and giving yourself some days after to transition and rest on both sides of the retreat and travel.


Detailed travel information





Price includes:


  • 7 days of Accommodation & 3 Meals a Day in Inti Yacu
  • Workshops, Rituals & Ceremonies - guided by Harley Rose & Bryony Bee
  • All trips & excursions - to the Hot Spring River, National Park Entry Fee & Wachuma Hike guided by Juan Carlos Tamichi
  • Internal Transport from Pucallpa to Contanama & back again - via Private Plane & Night Boat

Prices vary depending on when you decide to book.


$1400 / £1200 - First 2 Sign Ups



$1500 / £1300 until Feb 4th (IMBOLC)



$1800 / £1500 until March 22nd (SPRING EQUINOX)



$2000 / £1700 until May 4th (BELTANE)



$2200 / £1900 - Final Price



A percentage of your contribution is donated towards the reforestation project at Inti Yacu.

Does not include:


  • Optional 10 Day Plant Dieta with Bobinzana or Tobacco:  27th June - 6th July with Juan Carlos Tamichi
  • Flights to/from Peru
  • Transport to/from Pucallpa & Accomodation there


Find out more about the plant dieta here



Your Guides



Bryony Bee


Website:  womb 

Instagram:  @womb.nectar

She is a facilitator at both Psychedelic Society and True Nature.


Harley Rose





Instagram:  @harley.rose.healing

Photo Taken by @theferalwonder at Voice of the Womb Retreat

Who is this immersion for? Is this the right space for you?

This is a place for authentic connection, deep listening and community. You will be invited to explore content such as sexuality and emotions, so it is important for our own integrity and welfare of those attending that we share these points for you to be sure that this space is suitable for you.

Our intention is to offer work that is inclusive, however through our own practices of listening, learning and unlearning - we have decided that this space is specifically for female-embodied beings aka those with Yoni's and Womb's (whether or not still physically present) - which includes non-binary and gender fluid folk. 

Our reasons for this is that some of the content is very specific to the female anatomy - we will be speaking of the Womb, the Yoni and other aspects of the female body. We also recognise that we do not have the experience required to hold space safely beyond this within this setting, and want all of those that attend feel held and acknowledged. So the most responsible decision we can make is to recognise our limitations, as this offers a much a safer and authentic space for everyone. We are passionate about continuing to learn and grow in this.

We also want you to note that while this work may have therapeutic benefits, this is not therapy or a replacement for therapy. If you are experiencing significant mental health challenges we strongly encourage you to seek 1-1 support from a qualified psychotherapist

Some of the content shared by participants in sharing circles may be triggering or traumatic in nature. This immersion is designed to create a space for us to be open and honest with each other about our experiences, as we explore some new and unchartered territory. Sharing and listening is an important aspect of this, and can support the process of transformation, and simply being.

While we do our best to create an environment that feels safe and inclusive, it is your responsibility to look after your own needs and boundaries. If this is something you struggle with, or you are concerned about any element of this retreat please contact us in advance. We are very willing to chat on the phone and check in about whether this retreat is right for you at this time.



Practical Info


For enquiries please email Bryony at:


Instagram: womb.nectar



REFUNDS POLICY: Please note, we do not arrange refunds or exchanges. 

ACCESS:  We do our best to include everyone in our events, regardless of health circumstances. If you have access requirements please email Bryony directly to discuss. 


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10% of your ticket price, contributes towards the reforestation project at INTI YACU. Your contribution includes 7 nights accommodation at Inti Yacu, all meals and workshop materials, and the guided tour into the jungle with Juan Carlos Taminchi. It includes your FLIGHT/BOAT to & from Pucallpa to Contamana and the transfer to the Venue from there. It does NOT include your flight to/from Peru and to/from Lima & Pucallpa.

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