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What does a world look like where psychedelics are legal and regulated?

How might we be inspired by who is using psychedelics today and for what purpose?

How do we mitigate against the risk of corporatisation and protect religious and indigenous uses?

The so-called “Psychedelic renaissance” has pushed this fascinating group of drugs into mainstream discussion. But the narrow focus on medical and therapeutic use has meant that other using motivations, including the use of psychedelics in recreational settings, have often been marginalised. It is this important, but overlooked, element of the burgeoning debate around psychedelics that this a new guide seeks to illuminate and inform. 

How to Regulate Psychedelics: A Practical Guide

This latest publication from Transform Drug Policy Foundation describes how we might realistically legalise and regulate psychedelics for non-medical adult use for the first time. 

'How to Regulate Psychedelics: A Practical Guide' maps out a concrete set of proposals for a post-prohibition world where psychedelics - including Psilocybe Mushrooms, LSD, DMT and Mescaline - are legally regulated. Transform’s previous guides on regulating stimulants and cannabis have been used to advise governments around the world on drug policy. This book seeks to inform the debates on psychedelic drug reforms taking place across the world.

Psychedelics have recently gained more public attention, but for the most part, discussions have narrowly focused on medical and therapeutic uses. Other reasons for using, including the increasing recreational use of psychedelics, have been largely marginalised. From foraging magic mushrooms to selling LSD in shops, Transform has set out proposals to fill this gap.


“Once again Transform have come up with a well thought out and practical plan for the regulation of another group of currently illegal drugs – in this case psychedelics. Their ideas would be both easy to implement and to engage with and will, if adopted, radically enhance the safe use of these remarkable agents.” 

- Professor David Nutt, Founder of Drug Science


What to expect

For this educational webinar, The Psychedelic Society's Mags Houston will be joined by UK drug policy experts and authors of the new book, Steve Rolles and Ester Kincová. They will discuss the key challenges in regulating psychedelics and how they decided on the proposed regulatory models laid out in the book.  There will then be a Q&A section so you can ask all your burning questions!

Finally, you can buy your own copy of the book here or download your free digital copy.

Video call practicalities:

  • The event will be recorded and shared with registered participants. 
  • Please make sure you have Zoom downloaded in order to access the webinar. 
  • You will be muted and have your video switched off on entry. 
  • During the Q&A, you will be invited to use the Chat function or ask your question on screen to our speakers.

A % of the profits from this webinar will be donated to Transform Drug Policy Foundation.

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Steve Rolles 

Steve Rolles is Senior Policy Analyst for Transform Drug Policy Foundation, a UK based think tank and charity engaged in drug policy analysis and advocacy, where he has worked for over 20 years. Steve is the co-author of several guides to drug regulation including the transforms recent 'How to regulate psychedelics; A practical guide'; and has served as an adviser for the a number of Governments on cannabis regulation; has contributed expert testimony during numerous UN and other multilateral fora, and was lead drafter and technical coordinator for two reports for the Global Commission on Drug Policy.

Ester Kincová

Ester Kincová is the Public Affairs and Policy Manager at the UK-based independent charity Transform Drug Policy Foundation, and the co-author of the new publication How to Regulate Psychedelics. Ester’s works primarily on drug policy reform within the UK, working with local and central government, from implementation of harm reduction through to decriminalisation and legal regulation of drugs. She is passionate about ensuring social equity and resisting corporate capture in existing and emerging regulated drug markets. 


About Transform Drug Policy Foundation

Transform is an independent, UK-based charity working nationally and internationally towards a just and effective system of legal regulation for all drugs. When we legalise and regulate drugs that are currently illegal we can make them safer, while taking the market away from organised crime.

At Transform, they educate the public and policymakers on effective drug policy; they develop and promote viable options for legal regulation; and we support governments, policymakers and practitioners in achieving positive change that contributes to safer and healthier societies. The team works actively to support pragmatic changes to how we approach drugs and drug use that can save lives today.

Find out more here.


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