Building Secure Attachments: 12-Week Online Course

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Hosted by Neil Morbey
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12 Week Online Course to help you overcome relationship woes and get on the same page so you can build a wonderfully intimate relationship. 
​Bring a friend or partner for FREE.


- Understand your traumas, triggers and historic attachment styles, so that it all begins to make sense
- Learn to self and co-regulate your nervous systems, so that you feel safer and calmer
- Develop your communication skills so that you can have clearer boundaries, agreements and understanding, so that you feel connected and clear
- Discover intimacy rituals that can help you come together and find a sense of belonging  
- Through these practices become more of your authentic self and meet your deeply held longings​​​

"Wow Neil, The dedication you put into each and every session - Incredible work!" - Kelly and Greg

Online - Via Zoom

Tuesday evenings, 1.5 hrs 7:30pm-9:00pm

Next Course Dates:
Sept 19th - Dec 5th  2023:  
Dates: 19-Sept, 26-Sept , 3-Oct, 10-Oct , 17-Oct,
24-Oct, 31-Oct, 7-Nov, 14-Nov, 21-Nov, 28-Nov, 5-Dec

Course Schedule:
​1-4: Understanding Our Projections and Patterns 
Session 1 - Trauma and Triggers - Utilising Glimmers and Self-Regulation
Session 2 - Attachment Styles - Understanding The Origins
Session 3 - Self Awareness - Meeting Our Painful Parts
Session 4 - Self-Talk - Cultivating Self-Love and Self-Regulation
5-8: Communicating More Clearly
Session 5 - Listening - Creating a SAFER container
Session 6 - Boundaries and Agreements
Session 7 - Asking for help - Using the feelings as a guide
Session 8 - Apologising - Utilise the power of rupture and repair
9-12: Deepening Intimacy 
Session 9 - Appreciation - Use positive reinforcement to create more love
Session 10 - Love - Treat Others as They Want To Be Treated
Session 11 - Rituals - Make time for deep connection
Session 12 - Course Review


Meet the teacher: Neil Morbey
I'm teaching this course because I think it's so valuable and because I have battled with my own attachment wounding over the years and realised that some key realisations and skills have moved me from relating like a person in the dark to switching on the lights and seeing my part.

The research I did for the course was based on my psychotherapy, counselling and coaching training and experience. The following resources have been instrumental in designing the course:

- Attachment Styles:  Mary Ainsworth created these based on John Bowlby's work in the 1950's. She realised that our upbringing could create patterns of relating that are now referred to (in short) as: secure,  avoidant, anxious and 
disorganized (a mix of anxious and avoidant). Understanding these patterns in ourselves is a cornerstone to relating with more self-awareness.
- Trauma and Triggers:  The work of Dr. Gabor Maté has led us to understand that trauma is commonplace and is the basis for most 'crime' and ill-health, both mental and physical, and when we understand 'what happened' and the triggers for trauma we can understand how to work with, heal and grow from our traumas. 
- Communication skills: Modern psychology means that we are now in possession of so many tools for communication and in this course we offer a wide range from NVC, Radical Honesty, NLP, Love Languages, Apology Languages, Mindful Communication and more.

"The Building Secure Attachment Course enabled my partner and I to talk about things we've been putting off for years. We are connecting so much more than we used to thanks to this work - thanks Neil, we appreciate your course so much!" - Jo and GG.

Tickets and Pricing  **Bring a partner or friend for FREE on these tickets**
- Early bird  Price - ENDED Aug 31
- Standard price - £385**
 **Bring a partner or friend for FREE on all the above tickets**
- Solo ticket - £195  (no free partner) ​

To secure a place please pay up front. Any registrations without payment will not have a place secured.


Refunds:  Admin fee of £5 to process any refunds. No Refunds within 48hrs of the course start date. This is because the places are limited and you will have taken a place for someone else. See here for more details.

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After you've registered become a 'spreader' and post the event to others. If they give me your name upon registration you'll receive £5 back (only one £5, even if you've been a super-spreader and several people give me your name, sorry!)

Help me spread the word after you register, pleeeease!

"We loved the structure and the group atmosphere. This course is packed!" - Lu.


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