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“An amazing evening of self-discovery, connection, silliness, play, expression, and a journey within.”


In this 90 minute workshop you will explore the core essence of The Body Knows 6 week Course.

Through playful somatic experiments and curious group discussion we will take a deep dive into our inner world. 

This will be an interactive workshop; moments of meditive states, playful movement and dreamy somatic enquiry.

You will leave feeling relaxed, connected & grounded. You will revisit a visceral reconnection with the needs of your body, a brand new capacity to innately listen and kindly love the self. 

They'll be a Q&A at the end for any questions or comments.

“Highly recommended loads of fun with some seriously hard-hitting benefits. Go in with an open mind and an open heart and you’ll get a lot from this course.” - Dan


Taster practices we explore 

Please note, we can't guarantee to cover all noted below for the taster. The session is led intutiviely by the facilitator and can differ depending on what questions and conversations arise and number of partipcents. 

  • Active Listening & Journalling.
  • Alexander Technique: Voice
  • Focusing & Orientation Practice
  • Clowning Exercises
  • Imagination as Resource 
  • Somatic Movement


This workshop may be of benefit if you are

  • Feeling disconnected from your ‘bodymind’
  • Are wanting to create your own embodiment - somatic practice or add to your already existing one.
  • Seeking new ways to unlock creative or emotional blockages that are holding you back
  • Are curious about The Body Knows Workshop or courses and keen to get an insight into the work
  • You have already attended the course and would like a refresh!
  • You're a yoga teacher, therapist or body worker and are seeking a supportive place to practice with like minded people.


Please note: Session Recording

This session may be recorded for training purposes only and not for public use.

It will not be shared publicly or be emailed out to partipcients. Any information shared by partipicents will be strictly confidential and not shared outside of the workshop space. The recording is to help improve the content and delivery for future tasters and courses and for you to have the best experience possible. If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

About Your Facilitator: Dani Tonks 







Dani is an accredited trauma informed Somatic Coach, trained actor, self taught dancer, pleasure activist and workshop facilitator. With over 12 years of  experience within somatic and embodiment work she has developed a playful and sensitive approach, combining a range of disciplines including; Focussing (Eugene Gendlin), acting (Laban, Meisner,Stanislavsky) ,somatics (Thomas Somatics, Daria Halprin)  Alexander Technique, ritual, meditation and clowning.

Dani has formed collaborations as a coach and facilitator across the UK, some organisatons include; The Psychedelic Society, Medicine Festival, The Collective, CraigbeRoach Business Declerator, I Am Resting, Bristol Council, House of Togetherness, Antidote, Shine Charity, Beat Eating Disorder Charity and Shape History.

Dani has worked as an international performer, director and workshop facilitator for over 12 years. She has worked extensively in film, theatre, radio and TV, and has toured internationally with self devised shows.

Organisations she has worked with include:

The BBC, The British Youth Filming Academy, Contact Youth Actors Company at Contact Theatre (Manchester), The Royal Exchange Youth Company (Manchester), CYAC (Contact Young Actors Company) and Blue Eyed Soul Dance Company.

Education & Training:

The Somatic School -  (Accredited Somatic Coaching)

East 15 Acting School (BA Acting; Somatic & embodiment work, animal studies, archetypal work and Jungian Psychology, contemporary dance, clown, Meisner technique) 

Alexander Technique with Trish Baillie 1 yr (Manchester School Of Theatre)

Bootstrap Charity 6 month mentoring programme

Tough Cookie Mental Resilience Training 

The British Youth Filming Academy (2 Years; movement/embodiment & voice training and acting for screen)

Jon Davis Clowning School

Teatr Pieśń Kozła / Song of the Goat Theatre (Poland, voice and prose,biomechanics, classical acting training)

15 years of professional training, teaching & performance within embodiment, movement & somatics. Continues to learn and refesh knowledge within somatic psycholody and coaching.



"Absolutely incredible, life changing session. Dani is an amazing facilitator who really helps you to embrace your inner child, be silly and play. She transports you to another world and I will be implementing the things she taught us into my everyday life." Maggie.

“What a blessing to have discovered Dani’s work! I have done one wild play workshop before joining the 6 weeks course because I was totally immersed in the first experience. I signed up out of curiosity, not knowing what to expect, and now I am amazed by the after-glow effect it left on my life. I feel much safer in my body because it’s so much easier now to just be silly and intrigued by whatever arises. Everyone on the course holds space for you—you will find respect, appreciation, love, honesty, vulnerability with different beautiful beings. Whether you consider yourself a wallflower or a wild animal, this is an open environment for everyone! You show up as who you are and be reminded that there is your facilitator’s guidance but also your body’s, so just do whatever you feel. This course was my weekly joy-dose. Thank you, Dani. Much love. ” - Maram.

“It felt like a really natural way of being, of playing, allowing the child self that always sits inside the freedom to unfold without judgment. Dani's sensitivity to the whole, and the way she guided us and nudged us softly in different directions felt really natural and balanced." - Asher Sai B’Hahn

"Dani's facilitation was magical. I felt like I was softly guided into the world of play without even realising that she was taking me there, and then she held me there so gently and unobtrusively that a whole world could develop around me that was beautifully expansive, but also completely safe!" - Maddy Li



I offer three payment options to support people on a lower wage. If you consider yourself to be a high earner then paying an abundant option helps to subsidise places for people on lower incomes. We really appreciate your support.

If you feel strongly called to come but cannot afford the low income option, please get in touch and we can discuss a payment plan to supprt you.

Low income - £8

Standard - £10

Abundant - £15


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