Cacoa & Rope - Spring Edition

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Hosted by Anouska & Avi
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Sacred Cacao Ceremony with Rope Release

Sunday 21th  April  1pm - 6:30pm

1pm-6pm will be us holding and guiding the workshop.  

6pm-6:30pm will be social  & Free Jam space. 

5.5 hrs of time together to learn and hold space together ❤️

Welcome to an afternoon of heart-opening and rope bonding exploration.  

The focus is on sensuality and connection with yourself and others. Somatic practices will be used interlinked with rope bondage.

This is a LGBTQIA+ friendly event. Welcoming all ages 18+

For ALL GENDERS, welcoming singles and couples. 🏳️‍🌈

What to expect:

A warm welcome from your two hosts Avi and Anouska into a cosy, safe, playful, heart centred, and explorative container.

We will gather in circle to drop in and meet and greet all who have gathered together for this afternoon of delights.

We will sip the glorious Cacao and drop deeply into the poetry and art of rope together.

This evening is all about radically and truthfully honouring yourself, your desires and fears, your needs, and your boundaries. It's about tuning into yourself, to surrender, to all that moves through your body when you give yourself over to rope and another.

It's about daring yourself to be vulnerable, to be witnessed and to witness others also.

This evening, we will be holding:

  • A Cacao and opening ceremony
  • A talking circle (meet and greet, intention setting)
  • An introduction to the hosts
  • Talk on boundaries and consent.
  • A guided somatic homecoming
  • An introduction to Rope and 2 starter knots.
  • Self-Tie Rope play
  • Demo Rope Tie
  • Partner rope play
  • Integration & closing circle
  • social jam free time

About your hosts:

Both hosts are motivated to creating workshops to bring people together and deepen their connection to self and community.

Anouska is a  sacred sexuality body work coach, an intimacy coach, wild medicine retreats facilitator, red tent creator, space holder and an inner child therapist.

She is a space holder for all things taboo, shamed, feared, and edgy. She strongly believes when we lean into our edges we create more space for ourselves to blossom and expand into our full being.

She is trained in trauma response and aware that this work can be playful and it can also bring up a lot for some people.

Avi is a part time rope artist and rigger. She trained in Drama with Physical Theatre before discovering the world of kink and the art of rope.

Experienced in BSDM she spent time apprenticing and working as a dominatrix before she discovered Shibari is 2013 falling in love with the art form. It had everything she wanted from it as a performance medium, an experience both in and out of rope and way to connect with people.

Shibari, also known as Japanese Rope Bondage it means 'to tie'. Since her style is not traditional, she prefers to say that she does rope and will both model and tie switching between the two.

Her style is a mish-mash of influences as has had the great fortune to do workshops with many international practitioners either as they passed through the UK or as she travelled.

She has performed and taught workshops around the world including Singapore, Sweden, Estonia, Cyprus, Berlin and across the UK.

Avi took a break from the scene and only recently came back to it by teaching at Burning Woman 2023. Bringing something different than her usual workshops, to an audience with no experience with rope. She focussed on the bit that matters most to her: connection and self. Knowing yourself and setting your boundaries is so important, especially as a woman, making that conscious decision to surrender or take what is offered, learn to communicate and read others. Rope facilities this and opens you up to power and vulnerability at the same time.

Rope Release - a process developed by Avi, with the focus being on letting the rope release you from shame or judgement, go into yourself and face where you are in this moment. As the rope ties you it is holding you, taking you on a journey and as it comes off you are released.

We as facilitators are here and ready to hold whatever comes up. We welcome all releases and emotions. Whether you've been tying for years or are a total beginner, we have shaped this evening to offer you something unique and soulful.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions to:

Avi -
Anouska -


Avi.Rope - Avi's Private Account
Rope.Release -Avi's Public Account
Anouska.Zankhana - Anouskas public account. 

Consent and Boundaries are key tools within this work:
Consent. Part of our workshop is discussing boundaries and consent. As you arrive, we will ask you to sign in, we have created a consent form asking you to agree to keeping yourself safe and communicating as you need to. Our Ethos - Radical Self Responsibility & Self Empowerment, Total Body Sovereignty, Full Confidentiality and commitment to self.    

What will you need?

Wear comfy clothes, layers are best, in the last workshop it got quite warm, shorts and a sports top are a good choice to bring, or if you wish to get more dressed up or down, it is welcome however we do not welcome full nudity at this workshop so that it creates a feeling of more safety for everyone. we will have mats and rugs, if you have a yoga mat that you like and a blanket it could be worth bringing to be extra cosy, plus anything you think you might specifically need for aftercare. 

I will of course have rope for you all to borrow, but if you have your own you are welcome to use it.

 If you have a travel mug, it could be worth bringing as last time we ran the workshop it was possible to take a cup of Cacao home too. 

Water bottle – it can be thirsty work – we have glasses and mugs on site, but if you have your own water bottle it is appreciated as minimises the chance of spilling. Most of our time together will be spend grounded on the floor, there are a limited number of poofs available should you need back support please let us know or feel free to bring your own support pillow. We are very much looking forward to seeing you 

Avi & Anouska

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