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The Frome Psychedelic Integration Circle is a safe, confidential, open and non-judgemental space for those who have used psychedelics. If you have had a challenging or powerful psychedelic experience and want help to integrate and make sense of it, or if you wish to share a meaningful experience, we create circles that help to hold, unpack, process and share those experiences. 

The aim is to help integrate psychedelic experiences into everyday life in ways that are helpful and meaningful to the individual.

The cost for this is £15 per session or £10 for those on a low income. 


Psychedelics can be used as powerful tools which can offer deep insights, healing or transformation. While Set (how you're feeling), Setting (where you are, who you are with) and Intention have long been seen as important preparatory considerations, one of the biggest insights of the new ‘Psychedelic Renaissance' is that without proper integration it can be difficult or unclear how to make the best of the insights we might uncover. Integration supports us to make sense of those insights and translate them into real world actions.

Some psychedelic experiences can also be challenging, leaving us feeling vulnerable,  fragile or overwhelmed. Sharing these experiences and having others hear and understand them, can be an important part of the integration process.

As psychedelics become more mainstream, the psychedelic community are increasingly creating community spaces where we can support one another to make sense of our psychedelic experiences. With the guidance of facilitators, the circle offer a safe, confidential and non-judgmental space where open conversations can happen, so we can learn from our experiences and support each other to develop, heal and grow.


Who are we?

Justine Corrie is a Somerset-based Psychotherapist and facilitator who enjoys working at the intersection of embodiment, ecology and ritual. She is a psychedelic guide on the current clinical trial investigating dimethyltryptamine (DMT) as a treatment for depression. Justine also sits on the advisory board for The Institute of Psychedelic Therapy (IPT) and chairs the IPT Spiritual Emergence special interest group. 

Michael Rose is a teacher trained in Tibetan Buddhist meditation and has a degree in Journalism & Philosophy and a masters in Primary Education. He was the co-founder of Journeyman groups in both Glastonbury and Frome facilitating sharing circles, holding space for men and mentoring young men and boys through their adolescence.

What shall I bring?

We encourage you to bring an object along that has personal meaning for you. It could represent your hopes/fears about the group or relate to your psychedelic experience. We place the objects in the middle of the circle when checking in.

We also ask attendees to arrive 10 minutes before the advertised start time so we can check-in and start on time. Late arrival may result in you not being able to participate in the session.

Please be aware that the circle does not permit use of psychedelics or other psychoactive drugs during group meetings. Integration works best with a clear mind. In accordance with the law, we neither encourage substance use, provide illicit substances, nor referrals to illegal psychedelic services.


Photo by Isabella and Zsa Fischer

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