BEING HUMAN ~ experiment with verbal & non-verbal expression of your inner worlds

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Hosted by Improvised Arts for Wellbeing
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BEING HUMAN is a space to explore what happens when we use verbal & non-verbal expressions to share & be seen in our internal experiences.

Together, we will create a space to explore bodily awareness, improvised art forms & somatic integration for emotional & mental well-being. You will learn tools that you can use in your daily life. 

It is a journey with a focus on the somatic experience to deepen the relationship to the many parts of our Selves and the self we see in Others.

  • I will lead us through various solo, partner & group exercises, observing the process of using expression to befriend, accept & more closely be with the depths of our experiences.

EXPECT: play, non-physical intimacy, emotions, creativity & HUMANNESS

This is undisciplined artistry, meaning that it's suitable for any human - whether you engage in dance/theatre/etc as a career or a closet creative that cringes at the thought of being on stage. I'm an "unprofessional artist" myself.

You can make what you want of the experience. You won't be coerced to do anything you don't want to do. So it can be as gentle and softly comfort zone edging as you like. I prefer softness and ease.





“People often talk about shifts and sometimes it’s hard to relate. But seeing my self talk for what it was and defeating it for the first time in such a visceral experience is something I’ll never forget.”

“I found the workshop truly refreshing and thought provoking. Ever since, I've been more aware of my body and have started taking cues from my physiological reactions to people and situations a whole lot more than I used to.

I have even found my decision-making processes somewhat easier by flowing through my body rather than being stuck in my head.”

“Many thanks for creating such a safe and receptive cocoon, Georgie. Initially my emotions were so entangled and stuck I could not find words. 
Eventually and spontaneously my voice returned and ROOOARED, lol!!!!

Thank you for the whole transformative experience'“

What an amazing experience to be in a space where I felt so safe and comfortable that I could just let myself go.

Lots of revelations, deep thoughts and healing afterwards. I’m still integrating the experience and having shifts that are very noticeable to myself and those around me.

Thank you Georgie for the safe environment where I was able to express myself in such a profound way and for your guidance. I really appreciate it."

"I highly recommend Georgie’s workshop for internal expansion and personal growth!

I received so much clarity and many realisations about myself, things that were keeping me stuck, and I gained a whole new level of self-awareness.

The way Georgie facilitates and leads her workshops are incredible.

I felt so comfortable with Georgie and she created a really safe space for growth and self-exploration!

I can only encourage anyone seeking a deeper knowing of self to attend one of Georgie’s workshops. Her technique is extremely unique!"


"It was intense yet needed.

Georgie was very gentle and soothing.

The exercises were very hard but so rewarding.

The revelations faced were refreshing.

It's not often you will be faced with deep shadow work in such a gentle yet profound manner.

For the price, it's what some would get in a month of therapy.

Be prepared for an intense connection to yourself."

"Initially, I felt uncomfortable expressing my feelings before strangers, but as the day went by, I began to feel at ease.

Since the workshop, I have become more vocal about my feelings.

I think Georgie is an excellent and naturally gifted teacher. Her energy and personality are beautiful. She created a space that felt comfortable and safe."



Georgie is a Somatic Sexologist, BodyTalk Practitioner and Bodyworker. She creates spaces for people to practice deeper awareness and explore transformation through creativity, play and eros. She comes from a therapeutic background and has also studied trauma in individual and group settings, shadow work and parts work. I have been running these workshops for 3 years.

I am not on Instagram or a website at the moment. For any questions, please contact me via email - we can also have a quick call if we haven't met before and you'd like to check-in.



Effra Space main hall is a beautiful, spacious room with bamboo flooring and underfloor heating with cushions and blankets.

Effra Space is located in South London between Brixton and Herne Hill, and is easily reached by public transport.

Nearest tube: Brixton (Victoria Line) (10 minutes walk)

Nearest train: Herne Hill (8 minutes walk), Brixton (10 minutes walk)

Bus: 3, 37 & 196 (Effra Parade stop, 1 minute walk); 2, 415, 432 (Brixton Water Lane stop, 3 minutes walk)

Parking: There is limited metered parking in Effra Parade - I believe it is free on weekends but please check yourself




You may notice I have added a few pounds onto the ticket price. This is because the vast majority of the ticket sales has been going towards venue costs. I truly love hosting these event but for full transparency I have previously made around £20, so to see if I can make these a bit more financially viable, I have increased the price very slightly. I choose to keep these limited to 10 people to maintain sufficient space for all of us. 

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