Art in Alternate Dimensions: A Psychedelic Art Workshop with Harry Pack

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Hosted by The Psychedelic Society
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Dive deep into the surreal and psychedelic with Harry Pack

Harry Pack is a visionary artist whose work spans the realms of painting, drawing, and digital media. His art, a vivid exploration of alternate dimensions, invites you to engage with the unconscious, pushing the boundaries of perception and the human psyche.


Harry will share his personal journey as an artist, delving into the influences of psychedelic culture on his work and the spiritual tools he has developed. Discover the inspirations behind his kaleidoscopic depictions of fantastical worlds, where the familiar meets the bizarre.

Interactive Workshop

Harry will guide you through the process of unleashing your inner artist, encouraging a flow of creativity inspired by the cosmic energies of the universe. This session is perfect for anyone looking to explore their artistic talents and delve deeper into their psyche through art.

Group Discussion & Q&A

The workshop will conclude with an open discussion, allowing participants to share their experiences and insights. This is a unique opportunity to ask Harry questions directly and integrate your learnings with the support of a like-minded community.

What to Bring

Prepare for an immersive experience into the world of psychedelic art. Have your favourite art supplies ready, whether digital or traditional, and ensure a comfortable space where you can explore your creativity without interruption.

Join Us…

Embark on a journey into the extraordinary with Harry Pack. This event is not just a workshop; it's an invitation to explore another dimension of your consciousness and creativity. Whether you're an artist, a seeker, or simply curious, this experience promises to enrich your understanding of the infinite possibilities that art and psychedelics can unveil.


Harry Pack

Harry Pack is a British multi-media artist who renders surreal depictions of alternate dimensions that seek to engage and activate the unconscious mind of the viewer. 

His practice, which spans painting, drawing and digital mediums, reflects themes of human perception and psyche, influenced by psychedelic culture. His work encourages the viewer to turn their mind from the fragility of the material world and towards a contemplation of something more stable and infinite. The kaleidoscopic paintings depict a visual realm at once fantastical, foreign and strangely familiar. 

Three-dimensional, dream-like landscapes composed of fractal shapes and ordered geometric patterns are populated by extra-terrestrial forms: strange humanoids, anthropomorphic machines, animals and plant-life moving purposefully throughout spaces that operate as portals into the personal and psychological. His work is a vessel for self-exploration and understanding as he examines his past through older eyes.



IG: @harrypackart & @thepurpleufo


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