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Join Nikki Wyrd and Julian Vayne for an immersive and interactive ceremony to celebrate the Spring Equinox - the festival that marks the time of balance and of the growing light.

At the equinox, daylight and the night are equal lengths across the whole world. This turn of the wheel of the year is often connected with the east and the dawn; it is the season of eggs, of rabbits and hares, of the goddess Eostre, and reborn or resurrected deities such as Dionysus, Mithras, and Jesus; a time of communication and movement between worlds.

As above, so below: Like candidates for initiation, who have walked in dark places beneath the earth, we now emerge, blinking, into the light of revelation and illumination. At this festival we can connect with the experiences we encountered in the dark of the year and come to understand what they teach us. Then we move outward, into the light, able to express our vision, our aspirations, our wisdom. In this season of opening flowers, we open our hearts to hold with compassion the stories of others.

This ritual will allow participants to undergo the processes of ancient Mystery Religions, using modern language, accessible and effective techniques, all shared in an adaptable and kindly setting. We hope you’ll choose to join us for a ceremony which, as well as delving into the dark, will Open The Way, helping us form good connections with each other as our communities emerge from lockdown and into the sunlight.

We will be using guided meditation, gentle body and voice work, and other engaging practices to connect with the spirit of the season’s turning, and with each other. Whatever your spiritual tradition or style you will find participation in this ceremony inspirational and empowering, both as individuals and collectively. Attendees will receive advance details of simple suggested preparations for the ritual.

We will be using techniques of changing consciousness developed from the postmodern style of Chaos Magic and the inclusive, playful approach of metamodern Deep Magic. We will be tuning into the spirit of the festival and accessing it in our own unique ways. We hope you can join us in the circle!


Your Facilitators

Julian Vayne is an occultist, psychonaut and the author of numerous books, essays, journals and articles in both the academic and esoteric press.  His work is informed by Chaos Magic as well as lineages within Wicca and Uttarakaula Tantra. Julian is a co-organizer of the psychedelic conference Breaking Convention, is a founding member of the post-prohibition think tank Transform and sits on the academic board of The Journal of Psychedelic Studies. Julian facilitates psychedelic ceremony as well as providing one-to-one psychedelic integration sessions and support. He is the author of the celebrated Getting Higher: The Manual of Psychedelic Ceremony. Since 2011 he has been sharing his work through The Blog of Baphomet.

Nikki Wyrd is a well-known figure in occulture, and since 1990 has helped spread chaos magic techniques by crafting writings, publications, talks and workshops. She has attended and organized numerous rituals, residential meetings and public events, and is an Elder of the chaos magic community. Nikki has edited many of the most important books of the psychedelic renaissance. She is currently Chair and an Executive Director of Breaking Convention, the charity which holds Europe’s largest conference on psychedelics. She is Editor of a quarterly periodical, the Psychedelic Press Journal. She likes trees, and finds her Ecology degree comes in very handy when contacting the faery realms. 

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