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What's the secret to epic love? Whether partnered or single, this four week course will help you to understand the underlying dynamics within your relationships, and guide you towards a partnership that is filled with passion, safety, excitement and authenticity. 

Let’s face it, relationships are HARD! Especially for those of us seeking healthy and conscious relationships; where we can feel safe to be our authentic selves, navigate conflict with relative skill, and experience fulfilment within physical and emotional intimacy.

But why are they so hard? What else do we need in the mix to make it work?

This four week course teaches frameworks to understand the mechanics behind the challenges in your relationships, and practical tools and exercises to help you break those unhealthy patterns, and build the buffer of love and cherishing. 

What to Expect

Each week will introduce a new framework for understanding relationships, alongside a practical exercise or tool to practise. 

If you have a partner you will practise these tools together, if you are single or attending alone you will be partnered with a new buddy each week.

There will be space to share reflections in the group. How much you share and if you share at all will be totally optional, as I know this can be a very tender and vulnerable thing. 

The benefit of creating the opportunity for sharing is that it can help to normalise problems that many couples experience, taking some of the weight out of the challenges.

Week 1: 

The Neuroscience of Trauma in Relationships

Have you ever wondered why your partner can trigger you more than anyone else? The answer lies in the ways in which we pair past experiences, especially ones with primary caregivers, to current experiences with our partners.

This module will explain what actually happens in our brains when we are triggered, and what we can do in those moments to come out of reactivity, and into relationality. 

Week 2:

Where We Go When We’re ‘Triggered’

We all have our go-to places when we get bumped by our partners. Some of us become fiery and reactive, others collapse and feel hopeless, we can become desperate or controlling, we fight or we withdraw. All of these patterns have a logic to them based on your early life experiences. Understanding where you and your partner tend to go when triggered will help you to identify what the core challenges in your relationship are. 

This session will provide you with a roadmap for how to come out of those disregulated states, and back into connection, as well as communication tools for slowing down the conversation to remain regulated and relational.

Week 3:

The Ways We Act Out

Building on week 2, we’ll dive deeper into what strategies we use when we’re dysregulated to get what we want. We’ll explore why we go into these habitual patterns and why they don’t work. We’ll experience a live mini coaching session with a real or role play couple, to understand how to track your behaviour to unearth where you are getting stuck.

You’ll also learn how to turn a complaint into request with the feedback wheel, a practical tool to deal with conflict compassionately and constructively

Week 4:

Building the Buffer of Cherishing

This final week will cover 5 ways to move out of disconnection, into empathy and re-connection. We’ll focus on building the buffer between you, and practise connection exercises that will help you come into greater presence, compassion and intimacy.

We'll also give guidance on how to design a date night - a space for you and your partner to have a regular check in where you can be really honest with each other, and practice intimacy exercises, whether physical or emotional.

This is for you if:

  • You are in a relationship and you are both willing to do the work to look at what you’re bringing to the dynamic, and make active changes in your relationship
  • You are single and want to better understand what you’re bringing to the table in relationships to improve them going forward
  • Things are generally good, but there are a few places you seem to be really stuck
  • Things are really not good, and you want support to understand what’s happening and how to improve the situation

If you identify with any of the statements below, this course will help:

  • You tend to lose yourself in the other and want to learn to identify and communicate your boundaries
  • You easily become angry, inflamed or passive aggressive, and want to learn to express yourself without hurting your partner
  • You tend to avoid conflict, and want to learn how to better communicate your needs
  • You struggle to feel or communicate your emotions to your partner
  • You often find yourself processing for hours on end and can’t seem to get to the bottom of the problem
  • You want to experience more intimacy, connection and cherishing within your relationship

About Your Facilitator

Gaia is a facilitator and coach specialising in women's empowerment and couples coaching.

She has been holding playful and deep spaces for transformation since 2016. She is the Co-founder of True Nature, and a co-director of Symbiota Collective. Gaia works closely with The Psychedelic Society, and has been instrumental in its growth and development over the last 5 years.​​

Gaia has worked with many leading organisations in the field of wellbeing and personal development including; Medicine Festival, Morning Gloryville, Togetherness, Alter Ego Network, Ecstatic Dance UK, Noisily, Futurecraft, Ecosystem Restoration Camps, Pinky Promise and Midwifing the Veils.


Gaia’s Story

I discovered Relational Life Therapy in 2020, after struggling in a loving, but tempestuous relationship for 4 years. There were certain patterns that we just couldn’t break out of, we hurt each other a lot, and questioned the long term sustainability of our union.

After the first year of seeing a therapist our relationship had completely transformed. We understood what was going on, and she helped us to break out of our toxic behaviour and codependency. 3 years later we are now married with more love and passion than ever.

Since then I’ve been on a journey with 1-1 sessions and work colleagues to better understand how I operate in the world and how to improve my relationships. It has had a profound impact in all areas of my life, and how I relate to the world and the ones I love.

In 2022 I began my training in RLT (coaching strand) and have been working with couples and singles to support them to navigate the complexity of intimate relationships.

I offer this course with gratitude for the freedom and maturity that I now feel within myself, and a desire to share this wisdom far and wide, to support people out of suffering, and into greater self compassion and agency.

Gaia discovered Relational Life Therapy in 2020, after struggling in a loving, but tempestuous relationship for 4 years. 

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