Soulshine Retreat: Awaken The Boundlessness Within You

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Soulshine Retreat: 26-28 July

Are you ready to awaken the boundlessness in you?  It time for us to step off the beaten path, to be held by a nourishing, encouraging community, and immersed in nature. 

At this retreat, your soul is invited to merge more fully with your body enabling you to remember your true purpose on Earth…

Your soul shines in a particular way. Like a statue hidden inside the rock, it is a matter of uncovering and revealing what is already inside of you. This is the work of art, and creative expression, as well as deep soul work to unstuck from fear and shame, and receive encouragement, feedback and motivation by a community of people who are on the same journey as you. 

Join us at Soulshine Retreat on our humble but spacious off-grid haven in Somerset, featuring a stunning Mongolian yurt, multiple tipis in which you can rest your beautiful body + soul, a circus wagon, an apple and a cherry orchard, and a freshly planted woodland.  

The invitation is for you to connect with yourself, nature, and your soul. 

For three transformative days, we invite you to explore your full potential through creative expression, performance, spiritual practice, and deep, authentic connection with others and with nature. 

We invite you to participate in rituals, silent time, self-inquiry practices, emotional healing, intention setting and a shamanic fire ceremony. We will explore the power of flow-states, altered states of consciousness through which we activate more of the creative right brain hemisphere which gives you access to greater inspiration, courage, creative juice and presence. 

These profound experiences will help you connect with your life’s purpose and release unwanted baggage from the past. 

Embark on a Journey of Discovery

🎭 Creative Expression: Set your soul free through guided performance art, ecstatic dance, exercises in focus and contemplation and other  tools aimed at calling forth your most creative, unashamed, confident self.

❤️️ Authentic connection can be deeply healing and resolve some of our fears of stepping into our True Self; Through Authentic Relating games, emotional release practices, rituals, and a specific circle-technology that helps us to be seen on a deeper level, we are creating a tapestry of shared human experience.

🧘 Flow Practices and Meditation: With over 20 years of experience in yoga and meditation, Chris we will guide you towards meeting and moving your body in ways you have never experienced before.  Experience an alignment of body, mind, and spirit. 

🔥 Fire Ceremonies: Gather around the warmth of an open, sacred fire for a transformational fire-ceremony, as well as nights of storytelling, music, and community bonding, where every flame sparks a deeper connection to self and others. Bring your instruments and voices!

🌳 Listening to Nature: Experience the healing power of nature through a mini vision quest, connecting with the land, the trees, and the water in silence. 
Transformative Experiences Awaiting

🌌 re-Birthing Ritual: A powerful ceremony to connect with your life's purpose, reminding you of the soul's choice for this life.

🍃 Grief Ritual: Release the chains of the past and embrace the present with rituals designed to free the heart and mind.

🤝 Cacao Ceremony: This plant medicine will help you to move into an elevated state of consciousness, open your heart and create a deep intention for your soul to shine. 

What's Included?

🔥 Three Days of Facilitation: Our head-facilitators are Bibi and Chris (bio's below), who both have made great sacrifices and invested their blood, sweat, tears and even relationships to follow their calling and make their soul-purpose a reality. 

🏕️ Glamping and Camping Options: From the comfort of our glamping options, to the tranquillity of camping under the stars, find your perfect sanctuary.

  • Glamping is like camping just more luxurious. If you choose the glamping option in the tipi, you only have to bring yourself and your clothes. Tipi, mattress, duvet, and pillow will be provided for you.
  • If you choose camping, please be aware you need to bring all the camping equipment yourself.

🍲 Seasonal and Nutritious Meals: Delight in earth-to-table dining, with options for every dietary need, celebrating the bounty of our land. A lot of the vegetables we serve will be grown here on the land. We will serve only vegan food. There will be gluten-free options. Please let us know if you have any dietary requirements as soon as possible!

🛁 Sauna and Nature's Comforts: Indulge in the warmth of our sauna, and immerse yourself in the soothing sounds and sights of nature.


Want to find out more details or book a call to discuss any details about this retreat? 

Download the itinerary here 


More Than a Retreat

This is not just a retreat; it's a portal to a new way of being. A place where the skills experience of a high-wire walker blend with the ancient practices of tantra, yoga, and meditation - to guide you in overcoming fear, embracing risk, and being truly seen. This is an opportunity to step into your purpose, surrounded by like-minded friends , in a land where every corner has a new story to tell.

Join Us

As we open our hearts and minds, let the magic of Soulshine illuminate the path to your truest self. Here, in the serene setting of our land, let us rediscover what it means to live fully, love deeply, and shine brightly. Welcome to Soulshine Retreat, where your soul's journey begins.


Accessibility and Support

Understanding the diverse needs of our community, we offer support for those with financial constraints. Contact us to explore payment plans and ensure this transformative experience is accessible to all.

Safety and Wellbeing

While our retreat offers profound opportunities for growth, it's essential to approach this journey with care. Our facilitators are experienced in various therapeutic modalities, and trauma-informed, providing a supportive environment to explore and expand. However, for those facing significant mental or physical health challenges, we recommend consulting with a healthcare professional.

About the Facilitators 

Bibi Gratzer

Bibi Gratzer is a Relationship and Sacred Sex Coach, studying tantra, who has gone through several “soul-initiations”. She specializes in soulmate relationships, and works with both individuals and couples on creating more conscious, loving relationships. She has been facilitating workshops and retreats for many years, is a safe and strong spaceholder, and very gifted at seeing people’s “true self”. She is direct, energetic, kind, and very skilled at leading people into places where they have never dared to go before.

Photo Credit: @jspencerkeyse @radicalreimagination

“Working with Bibi has been a life-changing experience. She holds really safe spaces which gives room to explore more vulnerable parts of ourselves.”

Chris Bullzini

Chris is one of the top high-wire walkers in the world. At age 47 he brings a wealth of experience as a circus performer, entrepreneur, artist, yogi and meditator. He has spent years developing and deepening his creative practice to excellence, and began meditating when he was 11 years old. He has been practicing yoga for 20 years. He has worked with super-stars, teachers, groups, facilitators and gurus to discover, probe and shape his own story and now he wants to share the tools he’s gathered to help others weave their own. His BBC documentary was watched by 2 mio people. Chris is humble, bold, witty, and an incredible space-holder. 

Sarah Vero

Sarah Vero is a ‘Science of Wellbeing’ communicator', campaigner and grief facilitator. For the past nine years, she has led group experiences, events, workshops, rituals, and transformational spaces. She completed Apprenticing to Grief with Sophy Banks and Jeremy Thres in 2021. Her work offers pathways towards a sense of aliveness, wholeness and connection, which get us closer to what it means to be human. Alongside her grief work, Sarah delivers workshops that support people to find a greater sense of wellbeing, delivers training and keynotes on mental resilience, and communicates the science of happiness to the general public through her campaign work. 

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